trying to conceive

I had a milestone birthday in October, I turned 40 and alongside the many hopes and dreams that I had for this age, having a family was an integral part of what I imagined. I have spent the last year hoping and trying to be pregnant with our second child, by the time I reached 40. Yes, you read that right, second child!
June was truly the worst month of our entire lives but started as the best. We had just found out we were expecting our second baby after only one month of trying. We were surprised but ecstatic. It was something we'd discussed for a while and felt that we were in a good enough place to handle another.
I'm sorry you have to wait so long, we are trying so hard to get you here. Can you wait a little while longer? You are still the twinkle in the stars for now as my body just can't keep you safe. I'm so sorry about that. I'm working hard to make a change to make it safe.
Deleting the day from my calendar and staying in bed is appealing, but it isn't real life. I am finally at a point now that I can face these days with at least some kind of composure. Processing the grief of losing my babies and accepting that we would not have children has been a slow and heart-breaking process.
I once imagined that having a baby would be a pretty romantic affair. I figured that we'd conceive this baby on holiday or following a candlelit meal. I fantasised about how I would tell my husband, maybe by wrapping the pregnancy test as a gift, or spelling out the news in Alphabetti Spaghetti on his plate.
But as a practitioner of complementary therapies, like hypnotherapy for fertility, it's my overwhelming belief that keeping your stress in check is vital for women either looking to fall pregnant naturally or for those who are going through IVF.
If you have a partner who wants a baby prepare to enter a hedonistic hell of lacy negligee, scented candles and ovulation strips lined up on the bathroom windowsill. The former have the effect of getting you in the mood in the early days of trying as your wife or partner enters ovulation (this will largely be guess work to begin with).
Some couples spend years trying to get pregnant, eating all the right things, having regular sex and keeping track of an
It took my husband and I over two years of trying to conceive before I was incredibly fortunate to become pregnant (without medical assistance) with my daughter. A blessing I have never taken for granted.