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Aaron Benavot

Director of the Global Education Monitoring Report at UNESCO

Dr. Aaron Benavot is Director of the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report since June 2014. Previously, Dr Benavot was Professor in the School of Education at the University at Albany-SUNY. Before taking up his professorship at the University of Albany-SUNY, Dr Benavot contributed to the development and drafting of four global reports: Literacy for Life (2006), Strong Foundations: Early Childhood Care and Education (2007), Education for All by 2015: Will We Make It? (2008) and Overcoming Inequality: Why Governance Matters (2009).

Aid to Education Has Again Gone Down

Governments around the world have just signed up to an enormously ambitious and promising vision for education and lifelong learning over the next fifteen years, an agenda they know is crucial if even greater ambitions for sustainable development are to be realized by 2030.
25/04/2016 17:01 BST

Can Mobile Learning Bridge the Digital Divide and Learning Gap?

ICT for learning may be a trendy and popular topic as a blog on this site last week discussed, but the fact remains that children from poorer households are less likely to have access to ICT both in and out-of-school. As a result, they take longer to adapt to using the technology or hone their ICT skills.
08/03/2016 15:27 GMT

Can Africa Afford Free Education?

A lot of the blame for this unfinished business falls on the persisting inequalities in education, not the least of which is related to poverty. The 2015 GMR underlined this fact, showing that in low and middle income countries, the poorest children are <strong>4</strong> times less likely to go to school than the richest, and are <strong>5</strong> times less likely to complete primary education.
27/01/2016 23:00 GMT

The Tangled Web of Conflict, Climate Change and Education

It is time for leaders to act now and meaningfully to reduce the extent and pace of climate change. Without urgent climate action wars, famines, floods, death and inequity are likely to result. We must remind them of education's critical role in opening up a myriad of human and environmental opportunities to thwart the devastating impacts of climate change.
30/11/2015 14:17 GMT