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Akeela Bhattay

London based writer, journalist and aspiring author. Bylines at: The Independent, TTG Luxury, Amex Essentials, Harper's Bazaar, ABTA and more.

Akeela Bhattay is a London based journalist, writer, photographer and sometimes stylist, with a passion for and experience in writing about travel, wellbeing, food, music and culture. See more of her work at
Retreat Review: Escape to SoCal's Rancho Valencia Resort and

Retreat Review: Escape to SoCal's Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa

It's far warmer than usual, I'm told, but even at the height of summer there's the cooling presence of a sheer caressing breeze. The sun beams brilliantly in the pure blue sky, illuminating the rich and vibrant colours of my surroundings; the olive green palm trees, the emerald lawns, the citrus hued flora and the dusky coral casitas.
31/01/2014 13:45 GMT
A Guide to Getting Gorgeous in

A Guide to Getting Gorgeous in L.A

Angelenos may not be known for fashion forward style, but they are at the forefront when it comes to getting fabulous hair, perfect skin and beautiful nails. Here's a guide on where to get that L.A look.
02/12/2013 15:31 GMT
Adventuring in the Pocono

Adventuring in the Pocono Mountains

Just 75 miles from New York and 85 miles from Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains make for a convenient retreat and with so much to offer throughout the seasons, from outdoor adventures, fine dining, shopping and pampering, it's a destination that can be enjoyed by all.
18/11/2013 13:36 GMT
Birthday Getaways | Stylish Indulgence in

Birthday Getaways | Stylish Indulgence in NYC

I had made up my mind, I would not allow my 30th birthday to transpire without an explosion of fun and indulgence. And so I embarked on my very first trip to New York City, for a birthday getaway of culture, fine dining and pampering.
14/11/2013 13:19 GMT
L.A | Where to Stay, Where to

L.A | Where to Stay, Where to Eat

"You're going to L.A? Why? You'll get bored!" remarked a friend on the east coast, before my very first visit to L.A, "you should visit New York instead." And though I love New York, there's something about Los Angeles that will have me coming back, again and again.
31/10/2013 13:26 GMT
Dust to Stars | In Conversation With Brit/Canadian Talent, Karen

Dust to Stars | In Conversation With Brit/Canadian Talent, Karen David

My Dust to Stars EP, is very much a reflection of where I am at in my life, and marks a new chapter in it, and where I wanted my music to go and grow from. I took some time out to really get my new sound where I wanted it to be: happy, feel good music with a pop indie girl feel, which was true to me.
09/09/2013 16:25 BST
Travel Tips - What to Pack, How to

Travel Tips - What to Pack, How to Pack

It's not easy to pick and choose from your wardrobe at home, but the sacrifice will be appreciated once you're travelling - I have to remind myself of this every time I travel.
02/09/2013 16:06 BST
The Traditional American Beach House Experience at Shutters on the

The Traditional American Beach House Experience at Shutters on the Beach

'Purple soap!' Yes, it's the little things in life that prompt such glittery exclamations. But this is no ordinary coloured soap, this is a Red Flower creation, a soap infused with luxurious French Lavender that feels like velvet. Even my guests exclaim at its awesomeness. And that is just the soap. Shutters on the Beach in its entirety, is no less indulgent.
27/08/2013 13:41 BST
Taking Santa

Taking Santa Monica

The city of <strong>Santa Monica</strong> seems the perfect antidote to an animated week exploring Los Angeles. I'm quite ready to trade my walking shoes for flip-flops and wile away the hours languishing on a picturesque golden beach with the Pacific Ocean as my only companion.
23/07/2013 14:48 BST
Downtown L.A - Don't Dismiss

Downtown L.A - Don't Dismiss It

Downtown is also home to L.A's Fashion District, and if you're a fashion lover, with an appreciation for new talent and innovative style, this is where you'll want to shop, when in Los Angeles.
16/07/2013 10:52 BST
West Hollywood - A Dreamer's Travel

West Hollywood - A Dreamer's Travel Guide

It's not often that one finds themselves completely at home in a strange place, yet the streets and silhouettes of the city of West Hollywood (or WeHo as it's affectionately referred to by Angelenos) feel intoxicatingly familiar and simultaneously seductive. My short stay is retreating hastily; as my plans over-flow in my mind.
01/07/2013 15:01 BST
Like a Celebrity: The Beverly Hills

Like a Celebrity: The Beverly Hills Experience

The grass grows greener, the sun, it shines brighter and the sky is bluer in Beverly Hills." scoffs a resident Angeleno. Yet as the iconic gold and chestnut Beverly Hills shield comes into view, the derisive attitude towards the Golden Triangle city drifts a little, for lo and behold, the sky is suddenly a serene ceiling of cerulean blue.
11/06/2013 12:11 BST
The Coachella

The Coachella Way

Lead by a parade of commanding smoky mountains, enduring date palms and proudly powering wind farms on a seemingly infinite carpet of brick red desert sand, we traverse upon the lusciously green Indio Polo Club, official venue for the Coachella Festival.
13/05/2013 11:32 BST
Cartagena - The Jewel of

Cartagena - The Jewel of Colombia

It's a nightmare to get to, but <em>Cartagena</em>, Colombia's walled city is a must visit destination if you are in the country.
25/03/2013 20:42 GMT
In Pursuit of the Perfect Flat-White, in

In Pursuit of the Perfect Flat-White, in Montreal

On my recent visit to <a href="" title="A Taste of Montreal"><em><strong>Montreal</strong></em></a>, I decided to try out as many coffee shops as possible within two days (not an easy feat!) to produce a 'starter' guide to coffee in Montreal.
11/02/2013 16:00 GMT
A Taste of

A Taste of Montreal

As you might expect, Mile End presents a far more interesting and eclectic shopping experience than Montreal's central shopping area in Downtown. <em>L'Arterie</em> on Bernard W. houses vintage apparel, shoes and accessories as well as creations from local designers in this neat little shop.
12/12/2012 17:50 GMT