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Andrew Robinson

A writer juggling the responsibility of a small human, a marriage and a career in childcare.

A working parent observing the world around him.

My Good Mental Health Was Affected When I Stopped Playing Football

Of course, I am not blaming the decrease in exercise as the <strong>only</strong> reason for my depression and anxiety, but I believe it is <strong>one</strong> of the reasons. Alongside other methods aimed at keeping poor mental health at bay - such as diet, mindfulness and talking -- exercise is a tool in which I can control directly.
10/10/2017 14:04 BST

Test Cricket, Floodlights And Donald Trump In Fancy Dress Is A Great Mix

Fancy dress aside, as a day/night spectacle it was a cool, vibrant mix of watching a great sport under the delicious glow of floodlights. We didn't quite see a full day's play as is the continuing downward spiral of the current West Indies team. It was over just as the congas were beginning, the floodlights were at full pelt and Trump had addressed the crowd.
25/08/2017 15:28 BST

Do Holiday Blues Feel Worse As A Parent?

Ever since I can remember, I have always experienced the dreaded post-holiday blues the second a holiday ends. It is a perfectly normal sensation to go through - even as a kid returning from a classic 1990's holiday to Cornwall with my parents and siblings, and all our possessions packed inside the boot of a Ford Cortina Estate.
21/08/2017 13:04 BST

Confidence: How I Learn From My Daughter...

Since becoming a father, I learn from my daughter every day. Simply taking a step back and observing the world of your little one can be so enriching and is a daily reminder to ourselves to think back to basics on occasion.
16/06/2017 14:06 BST

The Intense Pressure Of Ruthlessly Packing Your Bags At Aldi

The mayonnaise was hurled in the same bag as the ibuprofen, crushing the weak and vulnerable brioche buns in the process. The bread was bullied in to the bottom of another bag, resulting in the loaf being squashed and killed in action by the carrots and cheaply priced duck breasts. And the milk was required to share a bag with mouthwash and garden bin-liners. Complete mayhem.
11/04/2017 16:36 BST

Crawley Town's 'Pay What You Can' Initiative Is A Breath of Fresh Blizzard Air

The attendance on Saturday of 4255 was Crawley's biggest since the 2014/15 season and is simple proof that when the people at the top of organisations, take a step back from the corporate world and occasionally adopt some common sense, you get a response from people - that response being an increase of fans turning up at the turnstiles.
17/01/2017 11:06 GMT

Forget Trump, There's A Supermoon

That object up there which controls our tides and seasons, not our economy and election results, will be a proverbial stone's throw away from us.
14/11/2016 11:13 GMT

Reconnecting With Nature And Restoring Your Cluttered Mind

Sometimes you just need to escape; to momentarily forget; to focus on something away from changing a nappy; or running your life around appointments; or mowing the garden; or doing the calculations to see whether you need to work an additional shift at your other job this month.
26/09/2016 12:50 BST

Manchester United and Being a Daddy

<img alt="thriving families.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> This Saturday, the first day of the new season saw my love affair with Manchester United continue to evolve... How did I experience United's victory over Bournemouth? My wife and I took my daughter swimming. Yes, United were beginning a new campaign - but so was my daughter - she was being taught a life skill by her mummy and daddy.
14/08/2016 22:50 BST