Angela Terry

Environmental scientist

Angela Terry is an Environmental Scientist with over 18 years' experience in renewable, clean energy, including on-shore wind, hydro, solar and biomass schemes.

Angela is one of the original pioneers of community renewables, developing numerous schemes including the first wind farm in the South East of England, Westmill Co-op, and raising over £15 million through positive investments.

Angela has worked in sustainable forestry as Head of Wood Fuel for the Forestry Commission and contributed to the development of the UK Renewable Energy Strategy, as well as working as a carbon scientist in New Zealand.

Angela's strong belief is that our changing climate is the biggest and yet, at the same time, the most understated issue we face as a society.

Why Women Will Save The World

<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" /> I have a little daughter who always counts the number of girl superheros on telly. Unfortunately, female action heros are still outnumbered in children's cartoons however in real life this is happily not the case.
14/03/2017 10:35 GMT

Why I Stopped Work To Help Save The World

As a scientist who has followed developments on global warming for nearly 30 years I am dismayed at the number of trees and flowers blossoming as the Christmas lights go up. Nature is confused and it is an indicator of just how warm the world has become.
22/12/2016 12:35 GMT

If President Trump Makes You Feel Powerless And Angry Take Action

Women are also the main educators, in schools, colleges and homes so children can learn that equality not only matters but it is to be expected as the norm from today. Now more than ever is the time to educate and then to organise so we are not just agitated.
09/11/2016 16:37 GMT