Anna French


Anna French was born in York, UK and has worked in admin and IT since 2004.
11 Facts About Women You May Have

11 Facts About Women You May Have Forgotten

<p>It may seem that I am stating the obvious here, but judging by things I've heard recently a reminder may be in order.</p> <p>Whether it's Chris Evans saying that women are much better at making beds than men or a woman's voice suddenly rising above the murmur on the bus, saying "well duuuh, <strong>all</strong> women love shoes", everyone seems to have an opinion on what women are like.</p>
03/07/2012 12:14 BST
What is Reality? Unplug Yourself and

What is Reality? Unplug Yourself and See

Recently, I have been cycling to work and it has given me more of an opportunity to look at the other commuters then driving did. I have noticed that the vast majority of them are plugged into some form of media, one way or another.
29/06/2012 08:45 BST
Why the Obsession With

Why the Obsession With Competing?

Up and down the country children and adults alike are fretting over school sports days. Sources of worry are diverse: will Jack be allowed to win every race again? Will Ruby's trainers be up to scratch? Will Liam be able to stand the humiliation of losing? Are children being damaged by competitive sports days? Should there be a prize for everyone?
11/07/2011 13:48 BST