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Bel Trew

Freelance Journalist Currently in Egypt

Bel Trew is a freelance journalist currently based in Egypt. She reported on the Egyptian revolution from Cairo and has worked between London and the West Bank, Palestine for the last two years Bel specialises in the Middle East and was born and raised in the UAE. She has worked with the BBC, Intelligent Life, New Statesman, The Independent, the Guardian, Evening Standard, Al Ahram and Stylist among others. Before going freelance, Bel was at Conde Nast's Tatler magazine.

Dark Truths Behind Egypt's Polarising Presidential Elections

There is no going back on democracy in Egypt, USA Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared Thursday about the Egyptian two-day presidential runoff elections taking place this weekend...The low voter turnout during day one of the runoffs was telling that something is rotten in the state of Egypt.
17/06/2012 17:56 BST

Egypt's Elections and the Revolution Continues...

Egypt has seen the initial round of its first supposed 'free and open' elections. Following a week of violence that saw a 120-hour battle between the Egyptian state forces and the protesters on Tahrir, up until the last minute, voters, judges, candidates and journalists weren't sure the elections would go ahead.
30/11/2011 10:22 GMT

The Battle for Tahrir

As the SCAF has increasingly shown its colours, so the people's demands and chants have changed. The army, no longer perceived as the protectors but instead the new regime, are being held responsible for all violent action against the protesters.
20/11/2011 10:00 GMT

Egyptian Elections are Looming but the Revolution Rages on...

On Sunday, Alaa was detained by the military for supposedly 'stealing military weapons' and 'inciting violence' at Maspero, just days after he spoke at Occupy Oakland in America. Today is Maikel Nabil's 73rd day of hunger strike - he is an activist who was imprisoned for writing a blog entitled: 'The people and the army were never one hand'.
02/11/2011 23:42 GMT