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Ben Edusei

Functional health practitioner and men's health expert

Ben Edusei is a functional health and wellness practitioner based in Wellington who understands the importance of living a holistic lifestyle. Having suffered from gut and adrenal issues, he knows first-hand what it takes to overcome this struggle. His experience and passion for self-educating has always remained a top priority, which directly supports his desire to help as many people as possible. With a career ambition to educate others using his own life experiences as a guide. Allow him to guide you into the pursuit of healthiness.
Movember: Men's Health Awareness

Movember: Men's Health Awareness Month

For the next four weeks, November is officially known to my girlfriend as the month where she doesn't want to kiss me because of my disgusting moustache and where men worldwide pride themselves on who can grow the most hideous furry top lip known to man aka "Movember".
01/11/2017 11:48 GMT
Is Exercise The Solution Or

Is Exercise The Solution Or Problem?

A strange title from someone who works in the gym, but hear me out. Alongside many epidemics in the world, people's inability to move freely (without pain) is an increasing concern. The amount of people I see (including myself) that struggle to stand, squat, get up off the floor, walk, run or even move (without pain) is alarming.
26/10/2017 15:58 BST
Men's Health

Men's Health Month

It is a month where men come together and begin to talk and raise awareness of preventable health problems and diseases. To help educate men in disease prevention or early detection of illnesses for males of all ages. It's the perfect opportunity to share your story and pay it forward to allow men to be inspired and do something about their own health and well-being.
06/06/2017 11:34 BST
Adrenal Dysfunction - The Overachiever's

Adrenal Dysfunction - The Overachiever's Disease

To have a better understanding we must go back, way back, thousands of years ago to the caveman era. During this time, we lived in the wilderness where constant threats and predators co-habited.
02/05/2017 13:32 BST
What's The Big Fuss About

What's The Big Fuss About Stress!

Stress is the combination of any physical, mental, or emotional factors that causes bodily or mental tension. Stress can come from either internal or external factors which initiates the fight or flight response and this reaction has an effect on both the neurological and endocrinological system.
10/04/2017 11:37 BST