Ben Gwalchmai

Actor, maker, writer, Purefinder; dresses like a Victorian because Britain's still too Victorian

Ben's debut novel, Purefinder, will be published on December 13th, 2013. He is also co-founder of the start-up Fabler, Associate Producer on the digital-publishing Book Kernel project, and Splash & Ripple's writer and producer for the Bodiam Castle project. For further information, see

On Anglo-Welsh Identity and Dylan Thomas

This year's BBC production, <em>A Poet in New York</em>, felt like a sentimental backwash of Titanic proportions; the recent BBC Wales remake of <em>Under Milk Wood</em> also fell unfortunately short, so short that one Twitter commentator quipped it felt like an advert for Welsh lamb.
14/10/2014 13:24 BST

Experimenting With Democracy: The Big Democracy Project

Are we asking for radical change to the constitution of the UK? No - we're asking for a truer democracy, one where everyone gets and feels involved in the creation of their community. By returning the power to change things to those that need it most, this could well be seen as a great change so the question becomes 'Are we asking for radical change?' Yes - we're asking for a truer democracy.
30/09/2014 13:27 BST

A Kinder City - Playable City Award

For anyone unaware of the project or those uninterested, they'll be powering the project by day and should they cross the bridge at night then they'll be pleasantly surprised.
27/05/2014 13:48 BST

Read Not Dead - Shakespeare's Contemporaries Reborn

Hopefully, that last question is the one that most writers keep in their minds above all. We hope that if we make it true and we make it well, it will chime a chord with people enough to do the rest.
20/05/2014 13:30 BST