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Charlie Smith

Mental health and LGBT+ campaigner

University of Leeds Journalism graduate. Lover of radio presenting/production, and writing. Mental health and LGBT+ campaigner.

We Need To Talk More About Male Suicide

If they tell you that they're at risk of hurting themselves, don't be afraid to call in additional support. If you're worried they're about to harm themselves, you can call a local crisis team, or an ambulance. Getting in additional help doesn't make you a 'bad' friend, and it doesn't mean you're betraying their trust. Instead, it means that you're taking male suicide seriously.
07/09/2017 12:38 BST

It's Time To Stop Presuming That Same-Sex Couples Are 'Just Friends'

Can you remember the last time that your female friend referred to her partner using male pronouns (he/him) and somebody presumed that they were talking about 'their friend' or 'their family member'. I know I certainly can't. So, why is it acceptable to presume that my partner is simply a 'friend' or a 'family member'?
31/08/2017 14:00 BST

In This Election, Mental Health Is On The Ballot

When you vote in this general election, remember people like me, and the millions of other people, who have mental health difficulties. Remember that this vote could be a matter of life or death for us. I understand that, whoever you vote for, the NHS won't be magically fixed - but I can assure you that the NHS will be a hell of a lot safer if the Tories aren't in charge, so please do the right thing this election... don't vote for the Tories.
08/06/2017 12:24 BST

It's Okay to Talk - But, It's Also Okay to Take Medication

Over the past few weeks, mental health has been all over the media. Whether it be a documentary on the BBC about mental health and sport, or news about Prince Harry's experience of counselling, mental health has become a big talking point.
26/04/2017 12:57 BST

Coping With Bulimia At Christmas

Now, don't get me wrong - bulimia isn't just a problem that I have at Christmas. I'm not claiming that the festive season is to blame for my eating disorder. What I am saying, though, is that it seems to limit the 'power' I have over my eating habits.
22/12/2016 16:38 GMT

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly... Unless You Have Anxiety

Above all though, understand that we get your love for Christmas - chances are, we love it too. However, we may need extra support to get through it. Spending a couple of minutes checking up on us around this time of the year may not seem like a lot but, to us with anxiety, it really can lead to us 'simply having a wonderful Christmas time'.
14/12/2016 16:23 GMT

The Journalist's Guide to Reporting the Orlando Club Attack

I understand that I'm asking a lot of you here. I know that my suggestions to you may take you a little bit of time. But really, what's a couple of minutes of your time in comparison to those who have lost the rest of their lives due to this attack?
14/06/2016 12:59 BST

The Non-Sufferer's Guide to Bulimia

Last night, I was watching one of my favourite programmes when, out of the blue, a male character made a joke about bulimia. When attempting to flirt with a lady at a bar, he joked that to get a figure 'as great as hers' she must've repeatedly made herself sick. It was meant to evoke a chuckle from the audience, but it was one joke that I simply couldn't laugh at. Bulimia is many things, but the one thing it isn't? Funny.
16/05/2016 16:21 BST

Think It's Acceptable to Misgender Caitlyn Jenner? It's Time you Read This

You may still disagree, that's fine. You may still be adamant that she's not heroic, that she's not a worthy winner. That's also fine. But one thing you must agree with is the fact that Caitlyn is a woman. She is not a 'man in a dress' or a 'man is disguise'. She identifies as a woman; therefore, she is a woman.
18/11/2015 12:22 GMT

It's Time to Stop Blaming the Mentally Ill

This week, World Mental Health Day is taking place and I plead with you that instead of ignoring the day, or using it as a day to further victimise those who are already drowning in society's stigma, you use the day to teach others. You use the day to tell others that mentally ill people aren't bad people. They aren't "violent loonies". Being ill certainly does not make them a "threat to society" but, instead, quite the opposite.
05/10/2015 11:59 BST

Why We Need Mental Health Awareness Week

Would you believe me if I told you about the time I ended up in hospital after having an asthma attack and, instead of helping me, the nurse I saw simply lectured me about how 'I'd regret this one day'. She knew plenty of people who had experienced asthma attacks 'and 30 years down the line, they always regretted choosing to have one'.
14/05/2015 15:40 BST

A Letter to the Ukip Secretary Who Asked Me What LGBT People Are

Just like the LGBT acronym, I too have been around since the 1990s. And I can tell you that growing up as a young gay person can be hard. When you're in sex education and your teacher does not even attempt to make a single reference to same-sex relationships, it is hard.
07/05/2015 15:47 BST