Charlie Simpson

Newcastle grad, currently seeking employment.

20 years old, live in London. Study Politics in Newcastle. Wary of orthodoxies.

The Politicisation of the NUS Needs to Stop Now

The NUS is a confederation of 600 student unions and its mission is to 'promote, defend and extend student rights', and strengthen student unions. This is an organisation that has the power to affect real change and yet it is neglecting this duty and is instead becoming increasingly politicised.
08/12/2015 17:51 GMT

Ignorance Is Not Strength: We Need to Stop Being Scared of Debate

There is a growing problem in politics today. In both the left and the right there are those so self-righteous they will either refuse to engage in debate or try and prevent you from doing so. Often these are important causes that get hijacked by this oppressive minority.
19/05/2015 13:20 BST

Deflowering Scotland

In the next twenty years we face two great constitutional crises: EU and Scotland. Both solutions - independence and independence - are touted as panaceas for all our ills, but would instead isolate us.
07/04/2015 13:43 BST

You Are Charlie, We Are Not

The shootings in Paris have reaffirmed the importance of free speech. No one should have to pay such a high price for simple mockery. Though it has left me wondering, would people my age have printed the cartoons of Mohammed in the first place?
21/01/2015 13:30 GMT