Christine Bleakley

TV Presenter

Christine Bleakley is one of the most popular faces on British television. She presents ITV1’s Dancing on Ice and previously presented Daybreak (ITV) and The One Show (BBC One). Christine famously water-skied across the English Channel for Sport Relief in March 2010.
How Sport Relief Cash Is Changing Lives In

How Sport Relief Cash Is Changing Lives In Rwanda

Rwanda, the 'Land of a Thousand Hills' has luscious green peaks that stretch out as far as your eyes can see. But this beautiful scenery masks a terrible period in the country's history. In 1994, a brutal genocide tore Rwanda apart. Thousands of families were murdered, livelihoods were destroyed and many orphans were left to take care of their brothers and sisters. I recently travelled there to see how some of the money raised by Sport Relief and matched by the UK government is already hard at work, changing the lives of people who lost almost everything 20 years ago.
15/09/2014 00:55 BST