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Daniel Cadwallader

Writer, Music PR, Geek

Daniel Cadwallader is a Music PR living in London and working for a major record label. For his blog he likes to meet and interview cult or up-and-coming figures from all genres of music to try and bring them to a wider audience. Like a Lyn Barber for the musically obscure... sort of

The Story in Sound

I talked to, acclaimed musician and arranger, John Metcalfe about his latest album, life in the Durutti Column and the sound of trees
08/07/2015 20:04 BST

Love and Rakets

Melding big riffs, discordant rhythms and romance, Raketkanon are probably not the sound you'd expect to come out of Belgium. I chat to, guitarist, Jef Verbeeck to see what makes them tick.
15/05/2015 13:18 BST

The Price of Art

Fresh from the launch of his debut solo album, Entanglement, I speak to veteran TV and film composer Michael Price about stepping into a new musical world
15/04/2015 11:22 BST

A Gentlemen's Disagreement

Since their earliest days as one of the progenitors of the Doom/Death Metal subgenre, Liverpool's Anathema has never stuck too closely to the script.
26/03/2015 12:34 GMT

Life of Luxury

Bursting out the fertile Leeds scene, aggressive but classic rock minded noise mongers Super Luxury are a breath (or a blast) of fresh air the UK rock scene.
16/03/2015 23:32 GMT

Good Morning Viet Cong

The original Viet Cong, a Communist guerrilla army that operated in the south of Vietnam during their war with America, were either terrorists or freedom fighters depending on your point of view. The Contemporary Viet Cong, a post-punk quartet that have emerged from the Calgary Scene in Canada, can only be viewed as one thing. Awesome.
28/01/2015 13:12 GMT

Smells Like Victory

A Winged Victory For The Sullen is a project that came about through the chance meeting of pianist/composer Dustin O'Halloran and guitarist/composer Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie of Stars Of The Lid, two artists at the absolute top of their game.
22/01/2015 10:15 GMT

Good Manors

I have a chat with, new UK upstarts, Boston Manor ahead of their nationwide tour with Moose Blood<
08/01/2015 18:22 GMT

Home Truths

When your average Brit thinks of Sweden they probably think of Ikea, ABBA and the chef from the Muppets. Ask your average rock fan what they think about Sweden and you'll get a list of bands (from Refused to At The Gates) that have had massive influence on modern rock over the last 20 years.
17/12/2014 01:04 GMT

The Old Man and the Sea... of Noise

Fresh from the release of their new album(s) I had a chat with, drummer, Santos Montano of Old Man Gloom about music and messing with the press.
05/12/2014 13:16 GMT

This Ain't Nashville

Vancouver's Billy The Kid (real name Billy Pettinger) lies somewhere between the street tough song writing of Loretta Lynn and the raw Grrl power of Kathleen Hanna, and her latest effort, Horseshoes & Hand grenades, is the perfect synthesis of American roots and punk scene spirit.
17/11/2014 12:31 GMT

Stadium Spirit

The So So Glos are a band that inspires a wealth of music writing clichés. They're a 'band of the people', they are 'DIY heroes', they 'mean it, man'. The thing about these four guys from Brooklyn is they genuinely are all those things.
16/10/2014 08:54 BST

Bar Room Bawler

The Stamford born singer/songwriter's music exists in a place between the introspective acoustic pop of Ben Marwood, and the punkish folk of acts like Jim Lockey and Beans on Toast.
13/10/2014 14:40 BST

Lords of Kiasmos

It's from this melting pot that you get Kiasmos, a Scandinavian electronica duo comprised of a critically acclaimed electronics producer and one of the worlds most respected contemporary composers.
02/10/2014 10:23 BST

Back in the Street

I speak to Barry Johnson from gutsy punk rockers Joyce Manor on the band's inspirations and aspirations.
25/08/2014 14:32 BST

In Word or Deed

The poet in question is 25 year old Jess Green, a native of Leicester and graduate of Liverpool. She's part of a new wave of young UK poets (including the likes of Kate tempest, Hollie Mcnish and Dizraeli) who are carrying on in the traditions of Betjeman and Cooper Clarke by creating thought provoking and accessible poetry about peoples everyday joys and struggles.
20/08/2014 15:08 BST

Down and Out in Paris and Kiev

For acts like the Velvet Underground it can mean it takes years to build up the reputation their music deserves, or for other acts in can mean total obscurity for their entire career. For the composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, it thankfully hasn't come to that.
28/07/2014 11:00 BST