Donald Farmer

VP product management, QlikTech

Donald has over twenty years experience in analytics and data management, and is considered one of the gurus of business intelligence, having been Microsoft’s ‘fairy godmother’ of BI solutions until early last year when he moved to QlikTech (he actually once dressed up as a fairy onstage). He is Scottish but lives in the US and has strong views on the business intelligence industry, which can be seen in more detail on his blog.

Donald is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books. In addition to his career in Business Intelligence, Donald has worked in fields as diverse as fish-farming and archaeology in Scotland. He is also a guest professor at SouthWestern University in Chongqing, China, and advises on several academic boards. He lives near Seattle in an experimental woodland house, with his wife Alison, an artist.