Dr Nicholas M. Almond

Cognitive neuropsychologist and author but also suffers from severe cerebral palsy

Nick suffers from cerebral palsy due to medical negligence at birth. Despite his disability Nick has gone on to complete a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and complete a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology, both at the University of Leeds. Currently Dr Almond is conducting post-doctoral research with Dr Catriona Morrison from the University of Leeds. The research focuses on cognitive (mental) decline in older adults. Nick's main interest is investigating cognitive interventions which can resuce the mental decline in healthy aging, however his PhD research indicates that cognitive interventions such as commercially available games on well known consoles may not benefit mental abilities and may actually increase cognitive decline in healthy older adults. Nick has publications in Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition which focus on psycholinguistic factors in younger and older adults ability to recall certain words.

Apart from the day job Dr Almond has become interested in writing crime fiction thrillers. He has recently published one book and is currently working on the sequel. His childhood memories of being on holiday and remembering his Grandma reading Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie books to him as well as his fascination with Jimmy McGovern's Cracker and the TV series The X-Files has encouraged him to pursue this sideline career in his spare time.More information about the book can be found at www.murderthroughdisabledaccess.co.uk.
Should Junior Doctors Strike or

Should Junior Doctors Strike or Not?

The responsibility lies with the government; they have chosen to spend £9m on a leaflet about Brexit without spending this on having more junior doctors or investing in a better contract for junior doctors.
02/05/2016 13:41 BST
What Does Football and Society Do With Ched

What Does Football and Society Do With Ched Evans?

Footballers are role models and we do not want a convicted rapist being idolised by children. However, how about the footballers who set fireworks off in their own bathroom, the footballers who are addicted to drink or drugs and the footballers who commit domestic violence?
17/11/2014 11:51 GMT
Good Luck Scotland On Your

Good Luck Scotland On Your Own

At best Scotland will become the new Greece; with high unemployment, crazy amounts of government borrowing and a mass exodus of highly qualified workers moving to the UK or other European countries. At worst Scotland may ignite radical separatists as seen in ETA (in the Pais Vasco). Europe needs to be more integrated and not separated, therefore Scotland must keep with the UK and not become an isolated country.
04/07/2014 12:31 BST
Is the PC Culture Alienating People With Disabilities and Those From Other

Is the PC Culture Alienating People With Disabilities and Those From Other Minorities

People with cerebral palsy can remember when SCOPE was called The Spastic Society. Now we have a culture where political correctness has overtaken and one cannot use the term 'disabled' or 'mentally handicapped' or even 'handicapped'; instead we have to use the terms 'less-abled' or 'learning difficulties'. Is this really required
09/05/2014 11:19 BST
RIP Formula

RIP Formula 1

We are no longer watching Formula 1, rather we are watching a hyped version of Formula Ford, but where the drivers cannot take risks and the tactics of refuelling have been abolished. F1 has always been about money, speed and risk taking, so why not bring it back to the good old days?
06/04/2014 13:53 BST
'Legalise It, Don't Criticise It' - Should Cannabis Be

'Legalise It, Don't Criticise It' - Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

The issue of drug use has been discussed recently due to critics arguing that events such as Glastonbury promote the culture of illegal drug taking. I can picture many of you, who are perhaps a bit naive when it comes to drug use reading this with a look of disgust on your face, but let's just consider the facts for a moment before we jump to the conclusion that if cannabis is legalised the UK will become a massive drugs ghetto with tens of millions of people suffering from mental health issues such as schizophrenia.
04/07/2013 17:19 BST