Francisca Stewart

Human Rights MA student @UCL - Researcher @ Waging Peace UK - Intern @Amnesty International - English Literature BA received @UC Berkeley

MA student at University College London. She received her BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley before moving to New York City and working for a short time in fashion journalism. She then decided to move to Europe and explore her Swiss roots before moving to London to begin her one year MA program. After she graduates, Francisca wants to keep writing about the issues that interest her most, which are usually centered around current events and politics. She also enjoys eating frozen yogurt in the cold, dancing in grocery stores, and café hopping through London. Plus, she has her own blog that you can find here.
Sudan: Underreported and

Sudan: Underreported and Ignored

The president of Sudan, Omar-al Bashir can more easily turn his back on his own victims than he can to outcries from the rest of the world. The second we consider the situation in Sudan as hopeless, the second it becomes so.
27/03/2014 11:33 GMT
Do You Really Know What's Going On in

Do You Really Know What's Going On in Ukraine?

It is easy to point the finger and make automatic decisions on who is right or wrong. But with any normal family that has its fair share of dysfunction, there is usually no side that is completely free of blame...
10/03/2014 13:06 GMT
For Better or Worse, the 2014 Olympics Has Put Sochi on the

For Better or Worse, the 2014 Olympics Has Put Sochi on the Map

I don't know about you, but for me, Sochi has never been a household name. That is, until it became the host of the 2014 Olympics. Now you can't get people to stop talking about this place. So obviously this made me want to learn more about it...
11/02/2014 12:15 GMT
The United States Is Selectively Slow, Too Bad for the

The United States Is Selectively Slow, Too Bad for the Philippines

Although the Philippine government is being criticized for not doing more, it is still difficult to find blame when it comes to natural disasters of this level. When it comes down to it, there is no one that can be directly blamed for this type of travesty, there is only so much anyone can do to prepare. The death tolls are nonetheless frightening and humbling.
15/01/2014 11:18 GMT
Edward Snowden: Friend or

Edward Snowden: Friend or Foe?

Edward Snowden is presently one of the most controversial figures. When I Google him, headlines labeling him an 'American Hero' pop up while others tout him as a traitor. He has opened up an important debate about a citizen's right to privacy...
14/01/2014 11:09 GMT