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Gavin Barwell

Conservative MP for Croydon Central, Minister for Housing and Planning, and London

If Yesterday's Attack Was Humanity At Its Worst, The Response Revealed Our Best Side

The police officers who directed others away from danger, while moving towards it themselves. The ambulance crews and staff at nearby hospitals who fought to save lives and comfort the injured and traumatised. My colleague Tobias Elwood, who did his best to save a dying police officer. Such people epitomise public service. I said after last year's tram crash that we don't say thank you enough. So to all those who helped to keep my staff and I safe: thank you.
23/03/2017 11:40 GMT

The Housing White Paper Is Good News For London

As a London MP, I see the consequences of those failures every week in my surgeries. Young people forced to live in their parent's home until well into their 30s, couples renting in the private sector and struggling to save for a deposit, and families living in overcrowded conditions. Worst of all, there are far too many people who can't find anywhere to live at all. They need our help, and that's the purpose of the Housing White Paper we have published today.
07/02/2017 15:38 GMT

The Conservative Case for the Living Wage

MPs are incredibly lucky. We have a job that we love. Most people are not so lucky. Many would love to work but don't have a job and many more do the right thing and take a job that doesn't pay very well and which they don't enjoy to make ends meet. These are the people whose side this Government must be on.
29/09/2013 22:34 BST

Croydon - A Year On From the Riots

The world's attention is on London at the moment, as it was a year ago but for very different reasons. But how much has really changed since the riots that disfigured my town and other parts of the capital last August?
07/08/2012 13:35 BST