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US-Cuba Relations: Too Early to

US-Cuba Relations: Too Early to Judge

It's been hailed as a historic move, and in many ways it undoubtedly is. The gradual normalization of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, which began with a more or less veiled prisoners' swap last year, is nonetheless still in its early and tentative stages.
20/05/2015 10:46 BST
Through a Continent,

Through a Continent, Darkly

U.S. President Barack Obama recently made a long-anticipated return to Africa, a continent rich in natural resources and containing a strategic cluster of emerging markets. The unstated but primary aim of his recent trip to Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa was the containment of China's economic influence in the region.
16/07/2013 11:43 BST
Syria: A Regional World

Syria: A Regional World War

The recent Israeli air strikes are a further blow to any hope of "peaceful" resolution and a potential call to arms for the Obama administration that has so far refused to send troops to Syria.
24/05/2013 13:11 BST
Bloomberg Scandal Discloses Financial

Bloomberg Scandal Discloses Financial Promiscuity

With gossip having become such a valuable asset for struggling newspapers, it is no wonder how these immoral journalists went to such extremes in order to provide their equally immoral readers with morbid obscenities. Those who assumed hacking was a practice that only thrived in the offices and newsrooms of Murdoch's empire have recently had to reconsider this.
21/05/2013 12:32 BST
Libya: Divided and Ruled, by Foreign

Libya: Divided and Ruled, by Foreign Capital

The reality is that since the fall of Gaddafi's regime, there hasn't been a single day of peace. Once NATO left and journalists returned to their home bureaus, the situation has steadily worsened. The disarmament plan and the reintegration of militias into the army have failed.
26/04/2013 16:25 BST
America Must Look Within to Confront

America Must Look Within to Confront Violence

Another atrocious act of violence followed by yet another phoney happy ending. No, it's not Hollywood; it's contemporary America. Images of people cheering at the arrest and killing of the Boston suspects speak of a nation way too lost in its own nightmarish unreason to realize the gravity of the situation. People posing for photographs, smiling, holding the American flag: What exactly is there to celebrate?
24/04/2013 13:29 BST
Thatcher is Dead, but Thatcherism Is

Thatcher is Dead, but Thatcherism Is Alive

What remains for all of us to face up to is her political and economic heritage, for Thatcher might be dead, but Thatcherism is alive and well. And its reach was never more ubiquitous as is it today. In her very own words, Thatcher affirmed individual gain above collective benefit when she said: "There is no such thing as society."
09/04/2013 11:27 BST
An Armed Peaceful

An Armed Peaceful Rise

Coming after the U.S., China is not only the second biggest economy but also the second bigger military spender. It would appear that military spending parallels economic might.
30/03/2013 19:48 GMT
Internet Censorship Beyond

Internet Censorship Beyond China

In 2010, Google ceased its operations in China's mainland alleging divergences in privacy policy with the Chinese government. What a noble excuse, er, reason. Why is it, then, that Google does not cease its operations in Saudi Arabia, which, in terms of Internet censorship is second to none?
17/01/2013 13:09 GMT
Ghost of Sino-Japanese Wars haunts Diaoyu

Ghost of Sino-Japanese Wars haunts Diaoyu dispute

It was fleetingly mentioned by some as a sort of chronological coincidence, but the 81st anniversary of the Japanese invasion of Northeast China, the incipit of the Second Sino-Japanese War, your average curiosity is not. The wounds of that war are still wide open and its unresolved legacy continues to cast a long shadow over the troubled relations between China and Japan, whose recent Diaoyu Islands dispute has come under the international spotlight.
11/10/2012 10:28 BST
Will China's Welfare State Be the Envy of the

Will China's Welfare State Be the Envy of the West?

Europe's Industrial Revolution did not only bring us the pleasures of pollution, but the welfare state too was a direct result of the then thriving economic climate. While its remnants are being methodically dismantled across the Old Continent as the blind belief in privatisation assumes evangelical dimensions, China, and the overall Asian continent, is investing in public spending.
26/09/2012 11:20 BST
London 2012: Environmentally

London 2012: Environmentally Friendly?

Should you find yourself eating a custard tart in Trafalgar Square do make sure not to spill any cream on the floor. It's a criminal damage and you are liable for arrest.
25/07/2012 17:28 BST
Anxiety is Priceless: 'The Scream' of the

Anxiety is Priceless: 'The Scream' of the Crisis

In spite of the mass-mediated efforts to maintain a respectable semblance, outside of that auction room where <em>The Scream</em> was neutralised, the world we inhabit boasts remarkable similarities with Munch's vision.
08/05/2012 12:24 BST
The Disarming Honesty of Rupert

The Disarming Honesty of Rupert Murdoch

With Warhol-ian sarcasm, the sly and powerful 81-year-old media mogul told the Leveson Inquiry that he basically has nothing to hide, let alone fear from this farcical tirade against his corporate stranglehold on public opinion.
03/05/2012 11:41 BST
Remembering Amos

Remembering Amos Vogel

Long before fashionable colleges started running unaffordable MAs in Curating, Vogel understood the dialectic potential of film programming and delivered some amongst the most audacious series ever conceived.
27/04/2012 10:27 BST
The Dangers of Breivik's

The Dangers of Breivik's Madness

There remains some unanswered questions that few dared to ask, such as: how isolated are Breivik's political views? How many people, though firmly condemning his murderous act, share his concerns regarding the so-called 'Islamization' of Europe? Is he a deviant exception or a disquieting symptom?
19/04/2012 17:23 BST