Hanan Issa

Writer, spoken word artist, poet.

Hanan Issa is a bi-racial (Welsh and Iraqi) on-the-fence Feminist Muslim woman in a hijab. She's a spoken word artist and poet and, more than anything, just curious about the human experience.
She graduated with a BA (Hon) in English Literature and has worked in a range of charity organisations supporting people who are deaf, black and ethnic minorities, as well as struggling with mental health issues.
She has performed spoken word at a number of events including the Women of the World festival.
Most of her work surrounds the female muslim experience and she hopes her work and words will help bring humanity closer together.
Unicorns, Hijab, And

Unicorns, Hijab, And Identity

I am drawn to the unique. As a child I was painfully reminded of my own Otherness when a neighbour's mother told me I had 'filthy black hands'. From that point onwards I have felt a natural affinity with the unusual, the different.
20/03/2017 15:53 GMT
There's a Hijabi in the New Season of 'Orange Is the New Black' - And She Is

There's a Hijabi in the New Season of 'Orange Is the New Black' - And She Is Awesome

She wasn't shown to be a zealot constantly praying or sharing words of wisdom with her fellow inmates. She read books not exclusively about Islam and even participated in a money-making scheme some of the other African-American inmates organised. She. Is. Normal. And I can't tell you how awesome it is to see a 'normal' Muslim on TV.
30/06/2016 16:14 BST