Jacob Greaves

Reporter and broadcaster who’s spent four years in Russia

Jacob Greaves is a reporter and broadcaster who’s spent four years in Russia. A keen blogger, he draws upon his experience covering elections, protests and politics, in Russia and the Eurozone, to offer his two cents.
The Nazi

The Nazi Hunters

Today Russia commemorates its victory over Nazi Germany. Moscow will see tanks parade down its streets and Crimea will witness planes fly above a watchful President Putin. But everywhere Russians still see Nazis.
09/05/2014 15:20 BST
When It

When It Rains

Russian independent broadcaster TV Dozhd, meaning TV Rain, is under fire after publishing a poll asking whether Leningrad- now St Petersburg- should have been allowed to fall into Nazi hands.
31/01/2014 10:15 GMT
Let the Games

Let the Games Begin

As Sochi nears, expect a flourish of Russian leaders and key politicians on their best behaviour, but it won't make much difference.
24/01/2014 12:37 GMT

The 85%

The fact that denouncing gay rights and threatening freedoms can be such a rallying cry for mainstream politicians in modern Russia, says more about the country as a whole than the national parliament. As abhorrent as the views expressed by some of the pioneers of this bill are, they're still largely representative.
04/04/2013 12:40 BST
Gerard Depardieu: The Cost of Paying Less in

Gerard Depardieu: The Cost of Paying Less in Russia

French actor, Gerard Depardieu just accepted a Russian passport, sealing the deal by embracing President Vladimir Putin. With it comes a tidy 13% tax rate - if and its still an if - he's willing to live in Russia for around half the year. Here are some of the more taxing changes to life he will likely endure if he takes up the offer.
10/01/2013 11:10 GMT

Childish Behaviour

In this seemingly endless episode of tit-for-tat between Russia and the US, Russian politicians have landed a blow against everyday Russians and Americans - and from it gained very little.
04/01/2013 10:22 GMT