Jake Warren

Journalist & Documentary Film-Maker

Jake is a journalist and award winning documentary maker. His passion is to explore the extremities of human interest and challenge preconceptions. He is working towards being a new age Alan Whicker.
General Petraeus And General

General Petraeus And General Inequality

Fyodor Dostoevsky author of 'Crime and Punishment' is arguably one of the most celebrated writers throughout history. In his memoirs of his account of 4 years imprisoned in a Siberian gulag he wrote of being haunted by an insoluble problem, the inequality of punishment for one and the same crime. Those words were put to paper in 1862 and 153 years later his assertion could not be truer of America today, especially with the handling of General David Petraeus.
01/05/2015 03:08 BST
Will Prayer Power Rid The World Of ISIS And

Will Prayer Power Rid The World Of ISIS And Ebola?

The society has an outreach program and has a unique method of alleviating suffering in the world. They believe through channeling positive prayer energy and storing it in batteries, they can then release it around the world when critically needed.
29/01/2015 15:06 GMT
Why I Hate Religion And You Should

Why I Hate Religion And You Should Too

I choose to my put my faith in humanity, I don't feel the need for a creator to make sense of the world whether he takes an active interest or not. For me the trick is to be content in the not knowing bit, I don't know and I probably never will categorically know...
01/01/2015 16:46 GMT
Lets Talk About

Lets Talk About Torture

In December 2014 the long awaited publishing of the CIA Torture Report, on the treatment of detainees between the years of 2001 - 2006 was released. What followed in the immediate aftermath was mostly wide spread condemnation.
15/12/2014 05:38 GMT
Equatorial Guinea: Where Is the

Equatorial Guinea: Where Is the Outrage?

In my opinion moral indignation shouldn't be reserved for sporting events solely participated in by western countries. A cynic may then come to the conclusion that voicing outrage at a particular host country is done with the intended consequence of not wishing to be seen legitmising that countries modus operandi, rather than an aim to genuinely enact change.
25/11/2014 10:08 GMT
Lest We Forget: The Betrayal of Our Armed

Lest We Forget: The Betrayal of Our Armed Forces

I understand the economic constraints of today but if £50 billion can be found for the HS2 high speed rail line to cut time from London to Birmingham, then money should also be in place to protect the jobs of our armed forces.
13/11/2014 10:52 GMT
Filming in North Korea: An Open Look Inside a Closed

Filming in North Korea: An Open Look Inside a Closed State

The film I plan to create differs from perhaps any undertaken to date. In recent years there has been a formulaic attitude to films about North Korea in which they revolve around highlighting the regime as a 'tyrannical pariah state'. What I am seeking to create is the first attempted apolitical film in perhaps the most politicized country in the world.
05/11/2014 17:14 GMT
When Did Patriotism Become Synonymous With

When Did Patriotism Become Synonymous With Persecution?

Nationalism, patriotism and conservatism (with a small c) are principles that have been influential throughout British History. They have helped shape our sense of identity and define our culture, despite the argument as to what that exactly constitutes.
29/10/2014 10:48 GMT
Would Terrorism Disappear Without Media

Would Terrorism Disappear Without Media Coverage?

Terrorism and the media have a symbiotic relationship, without attention a terrorist act remains confined to it's immediate victims. However, with the oxygen of publicity from the media and with intention of sating public demand for information and sales, this coverage can actually result in effective propaganda for the perpetrators of such acts.
23/10/2014 17:05 BST