Jonathan Glanz

Ward Councillor for West End on Westminster City Council

Jonathan Glanz was elected in 2009 to the West End Ward on Westminster City Council. Re-elected in 2010 he has served in the Cabinet. He is Chairman of the The Safer London Business Partnership which bring together the police and business community to reduce crime across the West End. Currently he also serves as a non-executive advisor to the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC). A solicitor by training, Jonathan runs a successful property business, focusing on the central London market.
Night Tube Benefits Should Be Reviewed in a Pilot

Night Tube Benefits Should Be Reviewed in a Pilot Scheme

I feel a pilot scheme and more honest figures from TfL are essential if we are to face up to these problems and the implications for the stretched resources of the Council and Police. As many wise licensees say it is the tenth pint which gives you 10% of the profit and 100% of the problems.
01/10/2015 15:28 BST
Broadband: What About the Urban Not

Broadband: What About the Urban Not Spots?

We need to be planning now for the next generation of ultra-fast broadband and mobile network to ensure London can be a Capital city which maximises the opportunities from ever increasing demand for content on demand and on the go through to the prospects of an Internet of Things, connecting everything including the kitchen sink to the web.
23/03/2015 16:00 GMT
Time the Raise the Roof on UK Housing

Time the Raise the Roof on UK Housing Pressures

It goes without saying that there are no easy solutions to the UK's housing problems. With a growing population and increasing attractions for people to come to London, both from within the UK and around the world, London has exceptional pressures. We need to build more homes of all tenures in the capital to keep up with demand.
25/02/2014 15:05 GMT