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Kathryn Berens

Would-be writer, mother of three, antithesis of domestic goddess

I started blogging when I turned forty - - with the intention of writing that novel. I have now turned twice twenty two (plus one) and am no nearer to writing that novel. My day job is mother of three, taxi driver, chef, social diary organiser, cleaner and dog walker. I have just recently started up a new blog - One day I shall write that novel.
Getting DCIS Off My

Getting DCIS Off My Chest

How would I sum up the last three months? Strangely life-affirming. Yes, my body has been somewhat rearranged (arguably my mid-forties body needed a bit of reworking anyway) but I'm one of the lucky ones and I'm very aware of that.
04/07/2017 13:00 BST
The Truth About Being a Woman Over

The Truth About Being a Woman Over 40

The sisterhood closes ranks when it comes to telling the truth about childbirth - fearing that no woman in their right mind would ever have a baby if they knew what it really entails. Well, it seems to me that a similar conspiracy is at work about telling women about what it is really like after the age of 40.
20/05/2016 13:01 BST
Children's Mental Health - A Top

Children's Mental Health - A Top Priority?

We need to get our children talking about these issues: facing up to them and admitting there is a problem is half the battle. We need to use the power of the internet and the media to spread the word and to open up the communication channels so that our children know they have someone to go to and that they are not alone.
19/05/2016 11:51 BST
They Call It Puppy

They Call It Puppy Love...

Lottie has been with us now for 5 days. Perhaps I am slightly delirious from lack of sleep but I have fallen for her very heavily indeed much to the delight of my family. That's quite fortunate really as I'm discovering that puppies are not a walk in the park (excuse the extremely weak pun, I plead exhaustion).
29/04/2016 09:42 BST
Tom Hiddleston - I Don't Think I'm

Tom Hiddleston - I Don't Think I'm Alone...

Right now there is only one name on the lips of 40-something women across the country. Move over Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and your ilk - Tom Hiddleston is the new man on the block. I know I am not the only one who feels like this - my <em>Facebook</em> sharing of a video of TH dancing last week demonstrated that he is not just <u>my</u> guilty pleasure.
13/04/2016 18:00 BST
Anxiety and The Black

Anxiety and The Black Dog

I know it will pass - well, it always has in the past. A couple of weeks and my old mate "anxiety" will have retreated again, the filter will shift from my view of the world and I shall be back on the bandwagon of life, throwing myself into everyday activities with my usual gusto.
18/03/2016 19:45 GMT
That First School Trip

That First School Trip Abroad

In approximately 1 hour and 27 minutes my son will land back at Gatwick after his first trip abroad with the school. Approximately is not accurate, in exactly 1 hour and 27 minutes my son will land - how do I know this? Because I am his mother and I have been counting down the minutes until his return. I am under no illusions that he has been doing the same.
11/03/2016 14:33 GMT
Mother's Day - My Annual Job

Mother's Day - My Annual Job Appraisal

Mother's Day is the one day of the year when the little bosses get to appraise my contribution to the family firm over the last year. Actually, all things considered, I think I've had a pretty good year, demonstrating dedication to the task in hand, flexibility, commitment and a willingness to work long hours in some frankly quite trying circumstances.
03/03/2016 10:32 GMT
The Joys of Air Travel With

The Joys of Air Travel With Children

Flying pre-children was a much under-appreciated pleasure: a little solo packing, an amble around the airport shops, perhaps a little light dinner with a first holiday glass of wine and then a leisurely stroll to the gate.
23/02/2016 16:12 GMT
What Do My Children Really Think of

What Do My Children Really Think of Me?

Facebook's "Motherhood Challenge" which has hit in the last week or so has caused some controversy. The challenge (and it strikes me that it is not particularly challenging at all) is to post three photos which show how you are proud to be a mum and then you "challenge" other women whom you think are great mothers to do the same.
05/02/2016 10:12 GMT
The Importance of Learning to

The Importance of Learning to Fail

Allowing failure, embracing it even, and building up self-esteem are not mutually exclusive. It is perfectly possible to do both and I would argue if we don't allow our children to fail on occasion and learn from that, then the self-esteem we spend years nurturing is very precarious indeed and at great risk of disintegrating in the adult world.
22/01/2016 12:46 GMT

Fitbit Frenzy

Everyone is wearing a Fitbit. Everyone that is except me. I am not wearing a Fitbit and nor shall I in the foreseeable future. I am not even a "bit fit" so it probably is not the gadget for me.
14/01/2016 15:51 GMT

January Blues

Rather than languish in a mire of irritability on my own, I have decided to share with you those things which are really getting my goat this January - after all, a problem shared is a problem halved...or so they say.
11/01/2016 16:41 GMT
Back to School - Barely Concealed

Back to School - Barely Concealed Relief

Back to school, back to school - three little words that have a profoundly pleasing effect on me, put a little extra skip into my step. I'm trying very hard to keep my enthusiasm for the Spring Term under wraps but it is tough, really tough.
06/01/2016 14:31 GMT
Christmas Drives Me

Christmas Drives Me Crackers

Technology has brought a host of new problems to Christmas. Not least, the plethora of apps which show Father Christmas's progress around the globe. I am starting to dread Christmas Eve already as I know what is coming - mental maths nightmare.
10/12/2015 09:34 GMT
Talking to Children About

Talking to Children About Terrorism

The images of the horrific events in Paris on Friday night have been splashed over the front covers of all the newspapers and on an almost continuous loop on TV news channels. As parents we have been facing a barrage of questions from our children - scared children - and it is difficult to know how to answer them and to reassure them.
18/11/2015 16:12 GMT
Health Studies Are Bad for Our

Health Studies Are Bad for Our Health

Do you know what I am heartily sick of (excuse the very weak pun)? The plethora of health studies and warnings which have become so much part of the daily media diet that no day is complete without at least four major health stories, in three of which the advice/findings inevitably contradict each other.
13/11/2015 10:19 GMT
The World Through a Child's

The World Through a Child's Eyes

I'm sure most of us have witnessed totally inappropriate comments from children which often seem to be voiced at full volume in the most public of places - for example, "Why has that woman got a moustache?" in the supermarket queue. There is nothing malicious in such observations, just curiosity. No offence intended in the slightest.
10/11/2015 11:35 GMT
Let's Get Rid of These Irritating

Let's Get Rid of These Irritating Expressions

In recent times there have been some unwelcome intruders, masquerading as meaningful expressions. They have crept into our everyday conversation and have got rather too settled. They are over-used, largely meaningless and highly irritating. It's time we stood up, banished these banal expressions and reclaimed our language.
21/10/2015 23:26 BST