Lady Terry Robinson

Lady in LA LA Land

Thérèse is the pen name for Marie-Thérèse Robinson (Terry,) who grew up in Liverpool England. She studied English and Drama at St. Mary’s College in London where she trained as a teacher. After a couple of years teaching grade school she transitioned into a career in production, spending many happy years putting on events for a wide range of clients - from receptions for HRH Prince Charles at St. James Palace to international fundraising telethons with David Bowie for the United Nations. She also promoted her husband’s work, sharing his passion for a holistic model of education. He received a Knighthood in 2004 for his work in education and Thérèse was given the title ‘Lady Robinson.’
Thérèse moved with her husband and two teenage children to California in 2001 and wrote her observations on life in La La Land in a collection titled How to stay Upwardly Mobile When You’re Spinning Out of Control. Her novel India’s Summer was published by the Story Plant in 2013 The sequel, Letter From Paris was recently published to rave reviews. **** link to Amazon
Thérèse still manages her husband’s career. They travel extensively, which gives her plenty of material for her writing and blogging. She lives in Los Angeles in a house and in Paris in her imagination.
Season's Change: My Top Tips on Owning

Season's Change: My Top Tips on Owning Autumn

It's hard to ignore the Back to School signs in the shop windows, the dust in the streets, the yellowing of the leaves and the shift in the air as the days get shorter. Programmed by my own years at school, then again as a teacher and parent, I can never escape the rhythm of the academic year.
28/08/2015 13:08 BST
Let Your Hair Down: Top Tips on Styling Through the

Let Your Hair Down: Top Tips on Styling Through the Ages

I love a signature style, and I'm a fierce admirer of women like Charlotte Rampling or Helen Mirren who adapt their make- up and hairstyles as they age and have looked sexy and cool over the decades. The fear of looking like mutton dressed as lamb is part of the reason many of us succumb to the cut...
02/08/2015 23:36 BST
Once Bitten Twice

Once Bitten Twice Shy

With hindsight I should have insisted on a purse-sized mutt; a spaniel or a Chihuahua, because Sandy, the hyperactive border-collie that came to live with us turned out to be mad. It's as simple as that. He was a stark-raving-insane-out of control-lunatic. I have a hyperactive thyroid, but this dog made me feel like a sloth on Valium.
29/06/2015 13:02 BST
Lights Camera

Lights Camera Action

Our best creative work happens when we are in flow, using our imaginations, having fun. Obviously there will come a point where we become hypercritical of our writing and believe we'll never be the next e.e. Cummings, E.L. James or J.K. Rowling.
15/06/2015 16:15 BST
Life in the Fast Lane: Top Tips on Overcoming

Life in the Fast Lane: Top Tips on Overcoming Jetlag

Traveling is like childbirth, after a while you forget the pain and want to do it all over again. In the last twelve months I've circumnavigated the globe twice - zigzagging my way from LA to Sydney, Miami and LA then onto Cannes, Paris, London and Dubai.
14/05/2015 10:38 BST
Top Tips on Keeping It in the Family When It Comes to

Top Tips on Keeping It in the Family When It Comes to Business

The mother daughter relationship is a complex one but like any other, when the chemistry is right, it can make for a great partnership. We might be divided by the Atlantic Ocean (I'm in LA and Kate is in London) but we have some clear rules of engagement that make for a powerful dynamic.
11/05/2015 11:25 BST
The Secrets of Speaking

The Secrets of Speaking Success

If the idea of giving a speech or making a presentation leaves you quaking, take consolation from the fact that even the world's most charismatic professional speakers fight through a degree of nervousness.
07/05/2015 12:58 BST