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It Takes A

It Takes A City

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. But, that was in the olden days, when you had two parents, and one stayed home. That was before children had swimming before school, rugby, hockey and netball after.
15/11/2017 13:38 GMT
Welcoming Women

Welcoming Women Back

There's been a lot of talk about Return to Work programs or 'Returnships', which was the clever description invented by Goldman Sachs in 2008. These programs tend to target women who've taken time out to take care of their children or elderly relatives
15/06/2017 15:42 BST
Living In The

Living In The Past

Something quite tragic happened in our family home that had a devastating impact on all of our lives. It made us rethink how we interact as a family. It raised questions about the way that we spend time together. It challenged the way that we relax, cook food, listen to music even which rooms we sit in. There was no fire or flood... we lost our Wi-Fi service. For over a week.
17/03/2017 11:50 GMT
Slashing School Budgets In Leafy

Slashing School Budgets In Leafy Cheshire

It could mean goodbye to school sports, theatre, art, technology... all the subjects which provide a rounded education. What could our pupils and teachers achieve if they did receive 'fair' funding? All children deserve the opportunities that a school like Sandbach High offers.
03/03/2017 12:02 GMT
All About Winning, Losing And Taking

All About Winning, Losing And Taking Part

My three children are all sporty. They run which means cross-country in the Winter and athletics in the Summer. My daughter plays netball, volleyball, hockey and rugby. My sons play rugby and football. They are all competitive in their various sports which spills over into other aspects of life.
16/02/2017 16:19 GMT
Death Of The British High

Death Of The British High Street

My shop is in a small shopping arcade. It's difficult to find because the address has a street name but there's no street sign. Instead there's a signpost at the entrance directing people to a Police Station which is no longer there.
02/02/2017 16:31 GMT
Being Somebody Else's New Year's

Being Somebody Else's New Year's Resolution

On Friday night I'm catching up with an old friend for coffee. The last time that we did this was never. We don't live in cities where it's easy to pop in somewhere mutually convenient on your way home for a quick drink or bite to eat.
05/01/2017 13:36 GMT
Last Weekend Was Small Business Saturday. Now

Last Weekend Was Small Business Saturday. Now What?

There's a market too which I'll reserve judgement on as it might be a load of tat. The fact that we even have a need to draw attention to Small Business Saturday highlights the fact that we have a problem on our High Streets. It's all very well to focus on small and independent businesses for one weekend, but what about the other 51?
09/12/2016 16:59 GMT
They Can Keep Black

They Can Keep Black Friday

Here we've had mince pies in the shops with a pre-Christmas sell by date, since September and now we've jumped straight to Black Friday. Except we haven't even copied it properly. This random excuse to increase sales has been going on for weeks in advance, it's been repurposed by some retailers as 'black ticket' sales, whatever that's supposed to mean
24/11/2016 14:37 GMT
At The Inaugural Festival For Food

At The Inaugural Festival For Food Entrepreneurs

Last weekend I ventured out of Newcastle-under-Lyme to the big city. No, not Manchester or Birmingham, but that London. I tied on my money belt, and packed my How-to-Talk-to-Southerners phrase book. That London's got a lot fancier, and busier, since I left in 2001 for the bright lights of New York.
17/11/2016 14:58 GMT
Shop Local (Especially If You Live In

Shop Local (Especially If You Live In Staffordshire)

Like most people I love the idea of shopping locally. The thing is it has to provide additional benefits other than just a warm fuzzy feeling. I expect good customer service, I like to find products that I can't find in the big box shops, and I don't mind spending a little extra to find something unique.
03/11/2016 11:21 GMT
A Coeliac, A Diabetic And A Vegan Walk Into A

A Coeliac, A Diabetic And A Vegan Walk Into A Bakery...

There is an ever increasing awareness of dietary requirements for both those with specific illnesses and those who choose not to eat (or use) animal derived products. It seems that the free-from sections of supermarkets are growing on a weekly basis,
28/10/2016 10:32 BST
Naughty Guilt Free

Naughty Guilt Free Desserts...

This week is National Baking week, so it's only appropriate to challenge those who are making it their life's mission to promote 'guilt free desserts'. Simply by calling a dessert or treat 'guilt free' necessarily implies that all others are 'guilty'. Clearly this is a load of rubbish.
21/10/2016 12:27 BST
How To Behave At A Farmer's Market (Or Food

How To Behave At A Farmer's Market (Or Food Festival)

Farmer's Markets are a unique shopping experience requiring different shopping etiquette from your normal supermarket or internet shop. They are about as far from the sanitised, labelled, controlled, loyalty carded supermarkets as you can get.
05/10/2016 10:50 BST
How To Be An

How To Be An Immigrant

I'm the second-most experienced immigrant that I know. Although as a white British woman I've tended to be described as an 'expat' rather than an 'immigrant', personally I'm fine with just being 'foreign'. This is what I've learned while living overseas.
28/09/2016 12:43 BST
Is Teff The Best Super Grain

Is Teff The Best Super Grain Yet?

Teff is one of those super, super-grains it's up there with quinoa and sorghum, and has the added advantage that you can actually pronounce it correctly first time. No need to mumble to hide the fact that you're not 100% sure about if it's 'keen-wa' or 'kwi-noah', 'sore-jum' or 'sorg-hum'
21/09/2016 12:03 BST
Five Ways To Spot A Gluten Free

Five Ways To Spot A Gluten Free Fake

Toast. If you see gluten free toast on a menu which is not exclusively gluten free listen out for the alarm bells. If gluten free bread is put in a toaster used for 'normal' bread it will be contaminated with (gluten containing) crumbs from the normal bread.
14/09/2016 11:19 BST