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Laura Lee

Irish mother, writer,animal lover, perpetual student, sex workers' rights campaigner and p/t call girl, send help

I am an independent escort based in Glasgow with twenty years experience in the sex industry. I am a passionate sex workers' rights advocate and campaigner and an award winning blogger. Mother of one, cat lover and terrible cook.

The Turning Tide - Dr. Brooke Magnanti

I'm not a fan of crime thrillers, at all, but having followed Dr. Magnanti's previous works I was very interested to read The Turning Tide. I wasn't disappointed. The story opens with the discovery of a body in the highlands and takes us on a journey, introducing us to some very rich and diverse characters along the way.
18/02/2016 22:17 GMT

I Wrote You a Letter

Today, coming out as a sex worker is akin to coming out as a homosexual in the 1970s, most notably in Ireland. I experience everything from an unease around me to fear, obvious hatred and overt violence. Whorephobia, and the stigma that goes with that can kill.
12/02/2016 18:04 GMT

Mother Knows Best

Motherhood is a bewildering time for even the most level headed; it brings a myriad of emotions that no baby book can prepare you for. Guilt, heart swelling pride, resentment and an over whelming desire to kill anyone who hurts your cub.
07/09/2015 15:26 BST

Stigma Begone

Stigma is powerful in it's ability to cause harm and the only way to beat it, is to bring those issues at it's foundations to the surface. As an out and proud sex worker, I've stared stigma down many times.
17/07/2015 15:28 BST

Fishnet: A Review

Being inherently lazy, it's seldom I feel compelled to write, well ... anything really. Let alone a book review. But Fishnet, the debut novel of Kirstin Innes caused removal of The Cat from my keyboard at just slightly excessive speed.
28/04/2015 13:24 BST

Fifty Shades of Shambles

I can see why the BDSM community are up in arms. Here is a man who stalks his victim with a degree of fortitude that it's hard not to feel some begrudging sense of awe. He knows her bank details, in fact he has a built an entire file on her and flies out to interrupt a holiday with her parents, checking in to the same hotel as she's enjoying cocktails with her mother.
10/02/2015 17:39 GMT

The EU - They Didn't Listen

The decision by the European Parliament to vote in favour of Mary Honeyball's paper is a very dark day for human rights and the rights of those of us often shunted to one side, sex workers. Throughout the whole "consultation process" Ms. Honeyball did not listen to the voices of sex workers, surely crucial to a law which will affect our lives so dramatically.
28/02/2014 11:10 GMT


Like any human being, I watched the documentary <em>Hunted</em> with an open mouth and an increasing horror. I also watched it whilst trying to quieten the several fireworks going off in my head at once. The similarities between homosexuals' rights in Russia and sex workers' rights in the UK/Ireland are breath taking.
26/02/2014 17:33 GMT