Leanne Davis

Darlington born/Nottingham based writer, actor, comedian and canal boater.

Leanne Davis is a Darlington born, Nottingham based writer, actor, comedian and boat dweller repped by Giles Smart at United Agents. This blog seeks to discover whether she, as a creative who has lived in London for the last 15 years, can flourish outside of the capital. Having just bought a canal boat with her partner in Nottingham, Leanne hopes to uncover all Nottingham and the East Midlands has to offer a creative girl like her. She will also document the challenges and thrills of living aboard a canal boat for the first time, the opportunities for making new pals in the city, where the best food and drink is to be consumed and find out what a cob is.

Previously for one whole year 2012-2013 Leanne set out on a personal quest to abolish her risk averse nature by moving house every six weeks to live with strangers she'd found on Twitter. She also signed up to every adventure offered including a stint with the Hare Krishna's, internet dating, clown camp and ending up at a group masturbation session (genuine mistake but being English, was too polite to leave). Leanne's journey was documented through the Huffington Post and culminated in a sell-out one woman show at The Edinburgh Festival 2013. ​

Since taking up writing 3 years ago, she's been nominated for a few nice awards including Funny Women Comedy Writing Awards (Finalist 2015), Creative England with Baby Cow & Big Talk Comedy iShorts (Finalist 2014) and a BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writing Award (Final Shortlist 2012). She's also had her short film 'Lucky' chosen for Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival 2013 and was Guardian's Pick of the Week June 2013. These were all very nice.

Companies also seem to like putting her face on things. Commercials in the last 2 years include Santander, McDonalds, A2 Milk, Wowcher, Cancer Research and Confused.com. Leanne is also a writer for The Telegraph and blogger for this here Huffington Post and has even done some well intelligent writing for The Lancet.

She's done her fair share of stand up on the circuit both as characters Wendy and Lydia, as well as just herself, culminating in a one woman sell-out show at Edinburgh 2013 called Miss Adventure. She is now proud to have brought together some of the funniest women ever to have existed in the form of sketch group Dude Looks Like A Lady. They have been winning rave reviews and won Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Best Debut Act and just had a run of sell out shows and four star reviews at Edinburgh Festival 2016. Generally life is pretty aces.

Leanne is represented by Giles Smart at United Agents. Give him a call - he's lush.
#2: How To Behave At A

#2: How To Behave At A Funeral

As funerals go, it was probably one of the loveliest. Mum (with her Alzheimer's and all) couldn't be bothered with the usual stiff protocol of hushed whispers, soldier stances and polite smiles. She was dancing, singing and "yoopeedoing" all over the shop and I do believe my Aunty Rita, Mum's sister, wouldn't haven't wanted it any other way.
16/11/2017 12:59 GMT
Mermaid Life: How I'm Letting Go Of Sinking

Mermaid Life: How I'm Letting Go Of Sinking Habits

Ah swimming. I miss it when I'm not doing it, a bit like sex with a passionate new lover. Though swimming leaves me much calmer, connected and less likely pregnant. I mean, I seriously hope less likely pregnant. What are the chances of getting pregnant Virgin Mary style in a public swimming pool I wonder?
20/07/2017 11:35 BST
Mermaid Life: Drowning My Anxiety One Dip At A

Mermaid Life: Drowning My Anxiety One Dip At A Time

I can't deny, I was rather nervous about my first time. Would it hurt? Would I get covered in gross things floating about beneath me? Would everyone notice if I acquire a camel toe? (And am I terrible feminist for being ashamed of my potential camel toe?).
14/07/2017 15:27 BST
Nottingham Calling - Can Creatives Thrive Outside Of

Nottingham Calling - Can Creatives Thrive Outside Of London?

I haven't abandoned London entirely and will continue to make frequent visits for meetings, gigs and catch ups with best pals, but for now, I'm committed to making this fine city of Nottingham my home and place of wild creative abandon. I do hope Nottingham is as excited about my arrival. Nottingham, can you hear me...?
22/09/2016 12:53 BST
Fibs, Lies and Porky Pies #3 - I Can't

Fibs, Lies and Porky Pies #3 - I Can't Cope

Last week I had 7 days of flat drama dealing with a broken boiler, leaking radiators, my windows very much proving their age and a my lounge ceiling collapsing wildly onto my wooden floor at 2am as a result of some dodgy plumbing in the flat above. Oh and the lovely sofa I had excitedly waited 8 weeks for finally arrived - and then had to be sent back as it wouldn't fit through the door!
31/10/2014 10:15 GMT
Fibs, Lies and Porky Pies #2 - I Love

Fibs, Lies and Porky Pies #2 - I Love London

Like most other London dwellers I hate the obvious stuff. I detest getting the tube at rush hour and ending up with my nose nestled into an armpit that hasn't seen Radox for quite some time. I hate that in order to see my oldest and dearest best friends, a calendar comparison marathon ensues and a date is found no sooner than one whole month away.
06/10/2014 15:21 BST
When Life Deals You

When Life Deals You Lemons....

Sometimes life deals you lemons and you have no choice but to suck them up. Sometimes you are given a whole box full of lemons. And sometimes DHL arrives in an articulated lorry with a 2-year supply of lemons and a note to say they'll be back with another delivery at some point in the future (date tbc).
20/01/2014 13:06 GMT
What Can We Gain From Taking

What Can We Gain From Taking Risks?

After a whole load of deaths (though clearly not my own) and other unhappy endings in 2012, I came to realise that I could worry all I like - my anxiety will rarely prevent the bad times but will likely inhibit the good.
18/10/2013 15:53 BST
The Hobo Adventurer Removes Her

The Hobo Adventurer Removes Her Mask

This week I went to Clown Camp; a week long retreat to learn the skills of clowning. I am keen you understand that this was never meant to be therapy. Clowning is not therapy. Clowning is an artistic skill which when done well, with sensitivity and joy can bring great pleasure to an audience eager to laugh and momentarily escape the madness of our challenging world.
25/06/2013 15:58 BST
The Hobo Adventurer Discovers the Hare

The Hobo Adventurer Discovers the Hare Krishnas

When the song finished she introduced me to the group and stated that I was a comedian. I winced, fretting that now everyone would be nervous of me, assuming me to be the woman who has come to mock their faith. They didn't judge however, simply smiled and welcomed me in.
04/06/2013 17:18 BST
The Single Girl Unwittingly Discovers Her

The Single Girl Unwittingly Discovers Her Sex

I lay there terrified and wondering how the hell I have gotten this so wrong. It hadn't said anything about sex in the marketing; tantric, solo or otherwise. I am a pretty open-minded person and <em>am</em> seeking new adventures. But I want to know what I am signing up for first before I end up in a room with 18 strangers feeling their <em>sex</em>.
28/04/2013 12:15 BST
The Single Girl Discovers

The Single Girl Discovers Church

The Sunday Assembly is the brainchild of comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans who decided it was time to start 'a friendly community gathering for like-minded people'. The monthly event is in it's fourth incarnation and seems to be gathering disciples at a monumental pace.
10/04/2013 11:26 BST
A Single Girl's Quest for

A Single Girl's Quest for Adventure

In less than two months I have met tens of new people; experienced wonderful dinners, raucous nights dancing and evenings in the kitchen chatting till the early hours. I have been enlightened, shocked and inspired. And I still crave more adventure! I want to do things I have never done before.
29/03/2013 17:13 GMT