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Marianne Stenger is a writer and blogger with Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading online education providers. She writes about all things learning and is passionate about promoting online learning tools and the use of new technologies in the classroom. Her latest articles can be found here.

How To Tackle Anxiety With This Simple Evening Ritual

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also show that overall satisfaction with health and mental health is on the decline, and nearly 20% of people said they had experienced depression or anxiety compared to around 18% the previous year.
06/11/2017 10:43 GMT

The Five Most Important Things You Need To Be Happy At Work

Although at some point we've probably all fantasised about having enough money to retire and sip cocktails on a tropical beach for the rest of our days, the truth is that human-beings thrive on challenges and are happiest when pushing themselves to the limits.
11/07/2017 12:31 BST

Five Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

It can be incredibly difficult to focus on the moment when you're constantly being interrupted by notifications that make you feel like you're missing out on something important. So if you've already taken the step of scheduling certain times of day for checking social media, why not enforce this by disabling the notifications on your phone?
16/05/2017 15:25 BST

Five Ways To Reach Your Goals In 2017

January 1st has come and gone, which means many of us have undoubtedly made a few resolutions and set some goals for ourselves, from getting fit and eating healthier to volunteering or learning a new skil
04/01/2017 12:13 GMT

Four Ways To Be A Better Airbnb Host And Increase Your Earnings

Most hosts are using this additional income to pay bills or go on holiday themselves, but is earning money on Airbnb really as easy as taking a few snaps of your spare room, writing up a catchy description and waiting for the bookings stream in?
14/09/2016 15:44 BST

Why More Women Are Pursuing Careers in the Manual Trades

Three quarters of employers in the construction sector have witnessed an increase in the number of women working in traditionally male jobs... With the UK currently facing a skills shortage in key sectors including construction and engineering, this can only be a good thing, but what's driving this change?
09/08/2016 16:27 BST

Seven Simple Things You Can Do Today to Protect the Environment

A <em>Game of Thrones</em> fan theory that recently caught my attention speculates that the dreaded White Walkers marching steadily south are a metaphor for climate change, and the more I've thought about it, the more it bothers me.... I've done some research and lined up some of the simplest things we can all do to help protect the environment today.
17/07/2016 22:42 BST

10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand This Year

Tourism took a hit in Thailand last year after the May 22 military coup, but despite the media's penchant for focusing on the negative, visitor numbers are already on the rise and with the exception a few areas, Thailand is as safe for tourists as it's ever been.
27/07/2015 15:15 BST

International Money Transfers: Five Insider Tips for Expats

As exciting as it can be, moving abroad also brings an endless to-do list with it, and transferring money overseas is just one of the challenges you'll face as a new expat. Failing to devise a plan for this early on can end up costing you unnecessarily, but what are the most important things to consider?
28/10/2014 12:57 GMT

Four Ways to Use Social Media to Eat Like a Local on Your Travels

Locals usually hold strong opinions about where the food is good and which places should be avoided, and whether you're looking for fine dining, classic local dishes or no-fuss street food, having some insider knowledge will ensure a more authentic dining experience.
20/10/2014 13:50 BST