Meg Munn


Established consultant working on governance issues including parliamentary processes, political party development, gender mainstreaming and women's leadership. She also writes on social policy, and increasing the numbers of women working in science, engineering, technology and construction.

She was a Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament from 2001 to 2015 when she stood down. Meg served as a Foreign Office Minister, Minister for Women & Equality and Chair of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Whilst Minister for Women & Equality Meg took a great interest in the situation of women at work and edited “building the future: women in construction”, and ''Unlocking Potential: perspectives on women in science, engineering & technology''.

Meg chaired the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group, which continues her interest in the area where she worked for over twenty years prior to being elected to Parliament. She holds a MA in Social Work from the University of Nottingham, a Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies from the Open University and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.
Citizen Maths: Helping to Tackle Britain's Maths

Citizen Maths: Helping to Tackle Britain's Maths Challenge

Free, accessible and easy to use, this course has the potential to help many people better understand and use maths in their everyday life. Whether as an individual, an employer or a provider of courses, Citizen Maths could be just what you have been looking for.
10/08/2016 12:05 BST
Lebanon: Local Elections Represent a Chance for

Lebanon: Local Elections Represent a Chance for Change

Lebanon is in the middle of a crisis. The proximity of fighting and the influx of refugees is challenging. Nonetheless proper political processes should be in place and holding successful local elections would be an important step for the country. While support to Lebanon to manage the refugee crisis and the defence issues is vital the international community should also encourage the development of local democratic institutions.
26/04/2016 15:55 BST
Women's Political Participation - 20 Years on From

Women's Political Participation - 20 Years on From Beijing

A determination to capitalise on good practice to develop comprehensive methods of supporting greater participation of women in all aspects of political life could begin to see significant improvements across OSCE countries and beyond.
07/04/2016 17:02 BST
Anyone for

Anyone for Tennis?

As Wimbledon finishes tennis courts will experience their usual surge, beginners, children and youngsters inspired by the stars, along with older people spurred on to dust off their tennis racket. But despite the continuing popularity of the Wimbledon tournament in truth the country struggles to maintain current levels of participation.
20/07/2015 16:29 BST
Women Engineers - Where Are

Women Engineers - Where Are They?

The Women's Engineering Society organised a conference on National Women in Engineering Day to explore the issue, entitled "Engineering Women: Are they returning to work?" The statistics and stories from the women present illustrated the extent of the waste of talent and imagination when fully trained women leave the professions.
25/06/2015 11:19 BST
Take Your MP to

Take Your MP to Work

The College of Social Work has as one of its aims to influence government on social work policy. They also have lots of members, who if mobilised could influence local MPs, ensuring they understand better just what social workers do, and crucially why they do it. It is time to grasp the opportunity to develop better understanding and appreciation between the two professions that can affect the lives of children.
08/06/2015 11:24 BST
Opening the Black

Opening the Black Box

We need boards to change and thrive in a world which increasingly values diversity, different perspectives and a range of experiences. Boards need the best people and we should be beyond having to shout that this includes women.
20/03/2015 14:38 GMT
On International Women's Day Enough Is

On International Women's Day Enough Is Enough

In the words of Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women - <em>"Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive human rights violation we face globally, whether in times of peace, conflict or post-conflict transition"</em>. We cannot allow this to go on any longer.
06/03/2015 16:20 GMT
It's Time for New Guidance on Sleep

It's Time for New Guidance on Sleep Apnoea

Current estimates suggests that OSAS is prevalent in over 15% of HGV drivers and in 2013 alone there were 1,713 fatal road traffic accidents. The large vehicles on our roads recorded more of these fatalities than any other vehicle type. OSAS remains a huge problem, but it is not one without a solution, and a 4 week one at that.
03/03/2015 15:14 GMT
Developing Young People Into Active Global

Developing Young People Into Active Global Citizens

Co-operative schools are at the forefront of a quiet revolution, and the national Co-operative Schools Society is larger than any of the major academy chains. They benefit from their links to the wider co-operative movement with its tens of millions of members.
19/02/2015 17:36 GMT
Walking Where Some of the Horror Took

Walking Where Some of the Horror Took Place

Trying to comprehend the numbers of people is a challenge when they are so huge, remembering that these were all individuals is important. The Holocaust Education Trust tries to help this by emphasising individual stories through survivor testimonies and pictures of victims' lives before the war.
26/01/2015 17:38 GMT
Women's Political

Women's Political Participation

We need more women in key decision-making positions and for them to be visible whilst undertaking them. Increasing the numbers of women at all levels of political representation will lead to a more cohesive and inclusive society.
07/01/2015 17:44 GMT
Caring for

Caring for Carers

For the 10,466 carers in my constituency getting the right support is crucial. Caring for an older or disabled relative or friend can take a serious toll on carers' mental and physical health, their relationships and family finances. Without support this can lead to carers being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, and at worst this can bring about exhaustion, suffering a physical injury and needing care for themselves.
28/11/2014 11:06 GMT
What I Can Do, I Ought to

What I Can Do, I Ought to Do

One of my earliest memories is as a 5 year old singing 'Hark the Harold Angels sing' during Christmas 1964. I sang 'Harold' partly because I'd never heard of a herald, but also because I thought it referred to Harold Wilson. With dad being a local councillor, and mum also politically active, names of political figures were regularly mentioned at home. ..
15/10/2014 16:11 BST
Watching the First Election After the

Watching the First Election After the Coup

I'm a politician who loves election days - the campaigning stops and the voter makes their choice at the ballot box, but on the 17th September I swapped my rosette for a high vis jacket with 'observer' on the back. My job was not to persuade people who to vote for, but watch the election process as Fiji went to the polls for the first time since the 2006 coup.
03/10/2014 10:57 BST
Needed - A Good Child Protection

Needed - A Good Child Protection System

The spotlight on the activities of the likes of Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, and current concerns about possible cover ups of establishment figures, must not distract us from our responsibility to ensure that today's child protection services function well.
28/07/2014 15:41 BST
Women Engineers Needed - Join a Network for

Women Engineers Needed - Join a Network for Support

Around 70% of women with qualifications in science, engineering and technology (STEM) leave their chosen profession, not to return... 8% of British engineers and 4% of engineering apprentices are women. Quite simply, the UK economy needs more engineers and we cannot meet the demand without increasing the numbers of women.
15/07/2014 16:47 BST