Megan Dunn

President of the National Union of Students (NUS)

Students and the Referendum: Defiance in Defeat

It would be so easy to be cynical when faced with such mendacity. Yet I am still hopeful. The energy, passion and idealism from students throughout this campaign has been inspiring. Students have a duty to keep Britain progressive, hopeful and fair, and I believe they will. It is up to our political leaders to respond in kind.
24/06/2016 16:12 BST

Help Us Put Students at the Heart of the Sustainable Food Revolution

Student-led food enterprises can be a vibrant part of the answers to these problems - from food poverty in the local community, to corporate takeover of food production. These projects offer a glimpse of the low-carbon, localised food networks we badly need to see. And we're giving thousands of students the skills they need to build these alternatives, putting our movement at the heart of the sustainable food revolution.
17/03/2016 15:53 GMT

Students Are Being Shut Out of Our Democracy

It's no coincidence the government has pushed this change through as quietly as possible. There are just months to go before local, mayoral and assembly elections across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This isn't democracy. But you can still register to vote up to three weeks before the elections...
02/02/2016 09:44 GMT

Complacency From the Prime Minister Will Not Guarantee Access to Education

Maintenance grants support some 500,000 of the poorest students. Converting these to loans will mean hundreds of thousands will graduate with debt of up to £53,000. These very facts was put directly to the Prime Minister at PMQs in the House of Commons and the complacency of his answer says it all.
21/01/2016 09:33 GMT

Students and Their Families Are Right to Be Worried About Losing Grants

Today the government has pushed ahead with its plans to scrap maintenance grants for the poorest students. By moving to force through these changes from behind closed doors and avoiding a real debate in parliament, George Osborne is ignoring the very real concerns of students.
14/01/2016 15:06 GMT

Osborne's Spending Review Punishes Students Who Are Transforming Lives

The generation of students that I represent now find themselves facing a crisis in the cost of studying and living. A crisis which means learners in colleges and undergraduates at university are having to choose between putting food on the table and paying the electricity bill. The 'choices' the government are so proud of creating for students have become about heating or eating. This is a crisis that we have to tackle.
26/11/2015 11:57 GMT

Anti-Semitism and Abuse Is Not Acceptable - Not Online, Not Ever

Bullying and abuse online is unacceptable, but the fact that it is online is not the problem. In the last few days alone, my Twitter stream has been a stark reminder of the very real and horrific reality of anti-semitism that Jewish students face in Britain. Izzy Lenga, the education officer at Birmingham Guild of Students, has been subjected to abhorrent abuse and threats for daring to challenge anti-semitism on campus.
03/11/2015 15:04 GMT