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Paul Flatters

Chief Executive of Trajectory, and a social trends analyst

Paul Flatters is Chief Executive of Trajectory, a consumer insight and futures consultancy based in the UK.

Previously he was Head of Research for BBC News and a Director of Research at Which?

We Should Embrace the Disruption That Technology Is Bringing to Our Lives

Everyone has a routine of some kind in their daily lives. Even those of us living what we might perceive to be lives of pure and unending chaos are still likely to be governed, to some extent, by eating, sleeping and working, not to mention hobbies and other leisure activities that fill space in between.
29/06/2016 09:25 BST

We Are European - Perhaps We Should Just Accept It

Every country has its own intolerant minority; in the UK this minority is just a little larger - and large enough, apparently, to separate us from the rest of the continent. The proportion is crucial - if one in twenty people say they wouldn't want an immigrant for a neighbour it is a patently extreme view. If one in five people say it, it becomes part of a much more mainstream political discourse.
21/06/2016 13:17 BST

Housing: Why David Cameron May Have Got it Wrong

Put simply, chucking bricks together and hoping for the best is no solution, even if 200,000 homes were anywhere near enough to help the millions of wannabe Gen Buy. The current housing crisis is not just a supply and demand disparity (although that is an element of it).
08/10/2015 17:12 BST