Rachel Conlisk

Dating coach, hula hoop instructor, dedicated to helping people learn to love themselves and find love with their soul mate.

Rachel Conlisk is a dating coach, hula hoop instructor, and blogger with a background in data analysis. She is dedicated to matchmaking online and in real life.
Rachel first started her dating coach career whilst online dating, helping friends with their online dating profiles.

Noticing that her dates had been with genuine, suitable, compatible partners, she was frequently asked how she managed to weed out the incompatible ones and hone in on the good ones.

Rachel began to overhaul the profiles of friends, and then friends of friends,  and for some, writing their profiles after long interviews - and for others  advising on messaging, advising on remaining safe and anonymous while online, and red flags to look out for in profiles and photos.
As the popularity of online dating exploded and the number of dating sites soared, she found that the sheer number of dating websites and profiles online led to dating burn-out, confusion over which site is best for people's individual requirements, and an increase in the time need to put in on viewing profiles, messages, often without leading to any dates at the end of it all.  

She noticed an increase in the amount of people she knew who had just become fed up of the whole online dating process, yet still wanted to date.  

So, to free up time, prevent dating burn-out, and take the drudgery out of online dating, she decided to offer online dating coaching and profile writing to those who may be new to online dating, getting tired of online dating, or those who were not finding the matches that were right for them.
I found that as a hula hoop instructor, the best part of my job is seeing people change from nervous, lacking in self confidence, full of self doubt , to becoming truly happy, amazed at what they are able to achieve, believing in themselves, standing tall and feeling good about themselves. Dating coaching is another way of making people self confident, happy in themselves, and happy in life.

Dating coaching & profile services at www.lovedoctoruk.com
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