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Richard Brownlie-Marshall

Renowned British designer and creative

Richard is the Creative Designer at Pret A Manger and creator of his self-titled design range. With past clients ranging from Tossed to The Archbishop of Canterbury, Richard draws from his unique perspective to produce design that is creatively different.
A Voyage Into

A Voyage Into Urbanspace

The overall experience at Urbanspace was really revolutionary for me, and I only touched the surface with three of the twenty vendors they have at Vanderbilt alone. There was a really great atmosphere in the space and all the brands seemed to have a unique offering
11/01/2017 16:32 GMT
The Central Park

The Central Park Experience

New York is the kind of city that has something for everyone; trendy nightspots, stunning architecture and a super atmosphere. Something not always associated with the isle of Manhattan is sprawling greenery, beautiful trees and fresh air - and Central Park has it all.
28/11/2016 16:27 GMT
The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Experience

Being named one of the Seven Natural Wonders Of The World, there's no question that the Grand Canyon is a spectacular sight. Its sheer scale is overwhelming, with colours and rock formations that have to be seen to believed.
14/09/2016 11:36 BST
Much Ado About Nothing At

Much Ado About Nothing At Selfridges

The Faction theatre company and Selfridges have come together to create a production that makes the work of William Shakespeare very accessible and engaging. Elements including fashion, social media and tabloids are effectively incorporated to provide parallels to modern times.
06/09/2016 14:41 BST
Mariah Carey at Caesars

Mariah Carey at Caesars Palace

Aside from gambling and buffets, Las Vegas is known for its out of this world entertainment. Vegas residencies are big news and attract some of the biggest stars, including Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and even Elton John. Having never experienced a Las Vegas concert for myself, I wanted to start off with the best, Mariah Carey.
25/08/2016 16:07 BST
Top Five Things to Do In

Top Five Things to Do In Hollywood

Hollywood is home to the rich and famous. As someone who has grown up watching the city on screen, there's something very magical about visiting Tinseltown in person. It has a vibe like nowhere else in the world - with a culture that is very much its own and sprinkled with a long history in film and television. After recently spending a week in Los Angeles and taking in the array of sights the city has to offer, I can now bring you my Top 5.
14/08/2016 23:27 BST
Connie and Ted's, Los

Connie and Ted's, Los Angeles

Before travelling somewhere, I always like to hit up friends for recommendations, so this was no different when travelling to Los Angeles. On a list filled with the obligatory trips to the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, one eating spot made multiple appearances - Connie and Ted's
01/08/2016 13:15 BST
Warner Bros. Studio Tour,

Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Hollywood

I've always been a fan of classic films, film making in general has always been magical to me. And nowhere does it's history lie more deeply engrained than Hollywood. I remember watching the That's Entertainment series as a child and being completely entranced by the snapshot into the archives and insights into what happened behind the camera.
22/07/2016 16:02 BST
The Best Buffets in Las

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be most famous for its gambling, but being not much of a gambler myself, for me it's all about the Buffets. So when others may be throwing dice on the craps table, I'm stacking the shrimp on my plate. After gambling on a good range of eating options in Vegas, I've selected the top three Buffets that I believe are sure bets.
19/07/2016 16:19 BST
Farmer's Daughter, Los

Farmer's Daughter, Los Angeles

When visiting Los Angeles it's hard to decide which area to call home. Are you more Bellini's in Beverley Hills or happy hour in WeHo, the pavements in Downtown or the sand of Long Beach. And if you think area is difficult, the next step is choosing the right hotel. Los Angeles has something for everyone, and on my most recent trip, I discovered that there's no place quite like Farmer's Daughter.
04/07/2016 10:27 BST
Behind the

Behind the Design

The new designs see four subjects that might be seen as twee, transformed into a much more contemporary reincarnation - the same vision as five years ago. This time I opened up the brief to both country and city life, choosing two icons from each - a bird, deer, red telephone box and black cab.
23/05/2016 11:32 BST
Top Five Hong Kong Sights and

Top Five Hong Kong Sights and Experiences

It was my first time to Hong Kong and I didn't really know what to expect before arriving. After taking a quick trip to Google, the city appeared as tall buildings, bright lights and a scattering of boats.
03/05/2016 11:51 BST
The London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival 2016

On arrival at the East London destination of the Truman Brewery, I was met with the sweet smell of coffee, which practically guided me in from street level. The festival spreads across two floors and multiple rooms, with pumping beats from live DJs and the whizzing sounds of coffee theatrics in progress.
11/04/2016 15:51 BST