Sonny Turner

Model, student and body positivity activist

Elle magazine now call her “Your New Body-Positive Instagram Muse”, but Sonny admits that when she was younger, she had summer’s where she didn’t leave the house because of “fear of being labelled fat” or not being able to hide her rolls under a coat. Sonny hit the headlines when she went bikini shopping and tweeted a pic of her distress at the lack of bikinis for real women. Sonny is invited to speak on panels at Instagram, flies around the world modelling, all whilst studying for her Sociology degree in London.

She uses Instagram to connect with her 174k followers, making them laugh, sharing her life and showing what she really looks like in pictures that haven’t been airbrushed.

I Want Everyone To Be Comfortable In Their Skin, Whatever Their Race, Gender Or Sexuality

<img alt="new activists" src="" width="300" height="35" /> So a little bit about me: big hair, in your face-style and daily opinions on just about anything are what others might say about me. However, mostly that's just a platform for the thing I like to talk about the most - body positivity and personal empowerment. I believe and want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, whatever your gender, race or sexuality.
25/09/2017 08:58 BST