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The Lib Dems' Prospects Are Bleak

The Liberal Democrats are still not sure how to feel about the 2017 general election. For many, it is ambiguous whether their increased number of seats constitutes a comeback, or whether their failure to make significant electoral gains exposes the party's long-term problems.
12/09/2017 16:29 BST

If Jacob Rees-Mogg Is The Answer...

The most obvious obstacle is the unpopularity of his opinions. Mogg an emphatic social conservative. He has consistently voted against gay rights, criticised abortion laws for being "a form of contraception" and was guest speaker at the annual dinner of Traditional Britain - a group that wants to repatriate ethnic minorities.
01/09/2017 13:25 BST

On The Eve Of Results Day, Let's Remind Ourselves How Stupid It Is

Tomorrow marks the end-point of a system that not only fails its purpose, but has the wrong purpose in the first place. Exams do not reflect students' ability, and they shouldn't try to. For those that will receive the grades they wished for tomorrow, congratulations. But to those who miss out, remember that it is the system that has failed you, not the other way around.
16/08/2017 13:48 BST

Opportunity Costs

We seem to think that our moral duty has been fulfilled once we have ensured all students have the immediate funds required for university. But we also have a responsibility to make sure that no student is disproportionately burdened by the cost of their education later on. Equality of opportunity, yes. But surely equality of the cost of those opportunities is just as important.
09/08/2017 17:06 BST