Will Polston

Mindset Strategist

From a very young age Will always knew he wanted to be successful. With this in mind he spent a lot of time studying those at the top. His view was if he could take all of their best attributes, mix in his own personality and drive he would be better then all of them. Practicing this simple method became his self taught blueprint to being successful in all aspects of life. The techniques he had taught himself throughout his career in sales helped him greatly but more so when he got to management level as he had to drive, inspire and motivate his sales staff and taught them techniques he had learnt to get the best out of themselves. For a long time, like many others, Will’s idea of how successful someone is was based on their bank account and material belongings. It was when he attended ‘Unleash the Power Within’ a phenomenal 4 day course by world leading life coach Tony Robbins in 2012 that his view on success and his ambitions in life changed forever. It was during a very emotional story of how Tony Robbins himself fell into helping others get the best out themselves that Will had his calling. He could relate to him so much it had Will in tears of happiness! At the age of 23 he had identified his ultimate goal in life, he wanted to help as many people as possible by getting them to unlock their full potential and make it happen! For many years he continued to study and teach himself using various resources to get to the point of finally being able to launch his company Make It Happen to make the next step towards his ultimate goal. Will is now award winning, a neuro linguistic programming master practitioner, a member of the International Coaching Federation, the world’s only globally recognised coaching body and a certified Master Coach. In 2016 he was a finalist for the Coach of The Year at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultant awards and also is a blogger for The Huffington Post. Using strategic intervention Will has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, business owners and those at the lowest of lows to take their lives from where they are to where they want them to be Will aims to inspire people to be able to fulfil their full potential in life and make it happen not just to help you achieve your goals in business or pleasure but to heighten feelings of confidence and self-belief.

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