Australia Day

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Australia Day, which is celebrated on Jan. 26, is a controversial date, particularly for many indigenous people who view it as a marker for colonialism.
Another year, another Australia Day. Time to find out if you could hold your own in the wild world of Aussie slang. Do you
It's Australia Day, so it's time for us to look down under and understand why Aussies love to be Aussies. But what about
It shows a staggering level of disregard for the indigenous population. We committed genocide. Probably best not to rub it in. Even the deep South of the US have finally admitted that the confederate flag is f*cked up. South Africa celebrates and documents the end of Apartheid, not the day it was invented. It's gross, just so damn gross.
Tony Abbott shakes hands with Prince Philip at last year's D-Day anniversary celebrations Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who
From the typical: To the topical: The Twitter hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinAustraliaDay is bringing much merriment today, the
Food Tube went live on Tuesday, taking over Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and throwing the party to end all parties, celebrating the channel's first anniversary.
It's Australia Day this weekend and some of the biggest gatherings of antipodeans will be happening right here in London. It's become a second home to many young Aussies. But what is it about this city that draws so many of us in when we so readily revel in tormenting the English cricket team? How can we declare our love, when we proudly declare that our lifestyle of balmy weather and beaches is to be envied by London Brits who covet grey skies and enduring winters? 
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