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There were other notable absences from the report. David Dimbleby's pay for presenting events such as election night did
A study commissioned by the Planet Earth Team and BBC Worldwide found that watching nature inherently makes us happier. So
Last Sunday night, DISH Network viewers who pay monthly US$9.95 to watch weekly four back-to-back episodes were rudely alerted to the news that EastEnders would not be available.
CANNES -- BBC Worldwide is working with Google's advertising divisions as they try to amalgamate how the publisher sells
The BBC has announced a plan to use facial recognition to track the emotions of viewers. The pioneering experiment would
Last week we heard that BBC Director General Tony Hall was expected to axe either BBC3 or BBC4. And now we discover that it's BBC3 that's got the chop.
LONDON - Programmatic online advertising technology isn't yet good enough, and will never match human salespeople for brand
LONDON - Today, the BBC Worldwide announced that net profits were up 13 percent over last year up to 155GBP.  Digital sales