“You can never for sure prove that there is nothing out there.”
A British dog walker photographed a Yeti over the weekend… in Sussex. The creature, dubbed the 'British Bigfoot,' was first
He’s the big hairy fellow we all desperately want to believe in. So it’s with great relief we bring you this definitive proof
Another week, another Bigfoot sighting. Matthew McKamey and a friend were canoeing in the delightfully named Lettuce Lake
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Fans of mythical and almost certainly non-existent creatures have been working themselves into a lather over new footage
Across the world legends of mysterious creatures have been passed down through oral history. Thousands of people claim to
Sasquatch hunter Adam Bird appears to have captured indisputable proof of the mythical creature's existence. Whilst walking
Science has just killed bigfoot. A new study of supposed hair samples of the North American and Himalayan mythical beast
Bigfoot appears to be lost - or on vacation. The notoriously reclusive and impossibly hairy man-ape has been spotted in Norway