cancer prevention

Sugar has been labelled as addictive as some illegal drugs, but if you need another reason to curb your intake of sweets
Women who breastfeed for more than six months were found to have been diagnosed with breast cancer much later on in life
More than 400 lives and £30 million a year could be saved if breast cancer patients took their full course of drugs, according
Health groups are calling on the Government to help raise people's awareness of how to reduce their cancer risk, to mark
An extensive report recently published concluded that nearly half (43%) of cancer cases in the UK are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. This amounted to 134,000 new cases of cancer in 2010 that were potentially preventable. So, with our eye firmly on prevention, here are 10 things you can do to slash your cancer risk.
Aspirin, ibuprofen and painkillers taken by millions of us each day for aches, pains and ailments could have a secondary
A drug used to treat schizophrenia may provide an effective weapon against treatment-resistant cancers, research suggests
Molecular changes that switch genes on or off can set the stage for breast cancer many years before the disease is diagnosed
Scientists have developed a drug they claim could cure cancer, after discovering a single antibody that has been found to
A daily dose of cocoa could reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer, according to scientists. Researchers tested the effects