Chinese New Year

With space finite and demand for it high, the city's towers are not only for banks and flats, but often host a hotchpotch of tailors, jewellers and iron mongers living harmoniously side by side. As the number of red lanterns decorating the city increased in anticipation of Chinese New Year, the possibilities for urban exploration seemed endless.
Qian Chen is a respected artist from Hunan who has settled in London. He trained for many years to become adept in the classic brush techniques of the notoriously difficult Chinese water and ink painting. His obsession is the equine form and, thus, his horse is the centrepiece of the London poster.
Hot to trot It's not the first time... Celebrations began Friday in China to welcome the Year of the Horse. The official
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It's a long time since my first and only visit to China - about 20 years ago actually. I'd just finished my first year of study at the University of Melbourne and I decided to go to China to visit my cousin Katrina who was studying languages at the University in Xiamen.
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The Lunar New Year is being celebrated around the world on Sunday to mark the start of the year of the snake. Also known