I had a sleepless night. There is so much humiliation in this. It's full of what ifs and maybes and I'm not good with uncertainty. What if I can't find the clinic, or I wait for ages in the waiting room, next to who knows who? I might see someone I know.
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UPDATE: This campaign has since been pulled after facing a public backlash for "stigmatising" people with infections and
On Thursday, Public Health England released statistics showing a five per cent increase in STIs in London's 16 to 24 year
Today is national STI day, and Ladies and Gentlemen, two weeks after the intense partying over New Year, it might be time to think about your sexual health.
Channel 4 have a new romantic comedy on at 10pm tonight called Scrotal Recall, charting the mission of a young man tracking down his past sexual contacts when he discovers he has chlamydia. Though it's clearly a rom-com at heart, the show also doubles as a pretty good way to remove the stigma often felt around STIs (sexually transmitted infections).
A school has defended offering pupils tests for sexually transmitted infections (STI) during lessons. Blatchington Mill School
New sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have risen to almost half a million in England with people aged under 25 experiencing