Construction Industry

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, many are self-employed and have no choice but to go into work, while their employers are refusing to shut sites down.
The new tariffs the White House announced last month are likely to make things worse for the industry.
Whether it’s public of private sector, for decades now management consultants have been paid a fortune to give advice on
Millionaire moguls. Fat cat bosses. Coining-it CEOs. Those were just some of the lines of attack the from the  Trades Unions
Labour leader says small firms facing ruin should be paid with the funds.
A no-deal hard Brexit could see as many as 43,000 fewer construction jobs in the UK over the next decade
But Labour to look at ban on 'algorithmic discrimation'
Britons should “embrace an android” and welcome the rise of robots in the workplace, deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has