David Willetts

The Conservatives have always been divided over Europe - and a three line whip from their party to vote down a chance to
Young people have no "decent chance" of getting a pension or owning a home, according to a senior minister. Universities
PA -- Nearly one in four universities and colleges failed to meet their own targets to recruit more poor students last year
University degrees are still a financially worthwhile investment, suggests statistics due to be published, showing those
Higher education (HE), especially here in England, seems to be experiencing unprecedented attention, scrutiny and debate at the moment.
If Muslim students do not want to pay interest on their student loans because doing so would contravene their faith, then I have some sympathy for them. However, we cannot have a situation in which some graduates end up paying less because they happen to observe a different religion to their peers.
Tuition fees were abolished last year, but few people seem to have noticed. The cost of higher education is being transferred from the taxpayer to the direct beneficiaries (i.e. graduates) but students no longer have to pay any fees for their university experience.
Let's stop fixating on trying to wipe out the unpaid nature of internships. This could do much harm in fact, by reducing the number of employment experiences young people, particularly those from less privileged background with lower educational attainment, can engage with to get a foot in the door.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A vote of no confidence by Cambridge academics in Universities Minister David Willetts and the Government's
Higher education is in the process of being shaken up like an experimental new cocktail, mixed by an untrusted barman. David Willetts's white paper promises to introduce competition for the universities, with new providers like A.C. Grayling's New College for the Humanities seeking out new niches in the market for learning. As a result, there's been a lot of talk recently about what universities are actually for.