death threats

A direct message from a Twitter user calling HuffPost editor-at-large Ferial Haffajee 'a bitch' who deserves 'a bullet in [her] head' could be actionable, says a lawyer.
'Moreover, since she is black, we won't, under any circumstances, threaten her.'
Weaponising allegations of abuse by opponents (or allegations of purges in response) may not be the same as weaponising the abuse itself but it is also unlikely to help. Insults are never an acceptable substitute for political argument, from whichever direction they come. Abuse in politics disfigures us all and it threatens us all.
Police have warned more than 1,900 people that their lives were under threat in the last four years, new figures have shown
Gerry Adams has been warned of a "credible" death threat, Sinn Fein said. The party blamed those opposed to the peace process
Caroline Criado-Perez began receiving a barrage of online abuse after the Bank of England announced Jane Austen would feature on the next £10 note. These bizarre and extremely aggressive reactions to her have so far been explained as uncovering a previously suppressed widespread hatred of women. We think the psychology of her predicament is more complex, hinging upon what success represents to the envious and, particularly, those with low self-esteem.
A 34-year-old man has been charged with threatening to kill Stormont's first minister Peter Robinson. The man is also charged