We round up the week in good news stories, featuring baby meerkats on their first outdoor adventure, a tea-serving robot, a hot air balloon festival, a record-breaking sandwich and a donkey beauty contest.
Donkeys are indeed back – not as commodity carriers this time around, but commodities themselves.
When you next turn on your tap to make a cup of tea, have a shower or water your plants, don't forget about the hard working donkey, the tap who is working hard to connect people with water and provide them with a better life, all over the world.
I feel a great kinship with the 'hooves of mankind', who have earned a reputation for being sturdy, dependable, with a keen sense of curiosity. AND they have a great sense of judgment; apparently its very difficult to get a donkey to do something they reason isn't safe. Who knew?
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A pensioner has died after he was dragged off his scooter by two donkeys – which then trampled and bit him so viciously that
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They may not have received the blanket coverage of the US election, but the presidential election in Ecuador is in full swing