Professor Tim Spector also said cases had dropped by 80% since the start of January.
The epidemiologist's warning comes after Boris Johnson imposed new lockdown measures to fight a spike in cases.
The public has lost sight of the importance of restrictions, according to two experts from the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care.
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine director says the policy is causing "enormous" damage.
We're benefitting the medical world, whilst getting to know our own bodies better, in turn (hopefully) making them healthier - it's WIN WIN all round. Who knew sharing a womb could be so salubrious?!
According to statistics from The Children's Burns Research Centre, the UK sees up to 90,000 children a year suffer from burns, with 10 a day being taken to regional burns treatment centres... I was shocked to discover that despite these differences between the way adults and children's skin reacts to burns, little research is actually available on how to treat burns in children.
A new and deadly virus has hit the UK causing birth defects and miscarriages in sheep across England. The Schmallenberg virus has now been reported on 83 farms in England with the National Farmers' Union urging farmers who suspect infection on their properties to alert authorities immediately.
I made the mistake of watching Contagion at the movies a couple weeks before having my flu jab. Never before have I been so acutely aware of the sniffles and stifled coughs of strangers sitting near me in the audience. Incredible, I thought, how one tiny little virus can cause such devastation.