Extraversion and introversion

If you're an extrovert struggling with self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, introverts have advice for you.
Introversion and social anxiety are often conflated, whether it’s in people’s minds or in memes on the internet. Here’s the reality: Preferring alone time is not the same as living with a mental health condition.
Loving alone time is different from a mental health condition.
If you browse the internet, you’ll find a lot said about introverts. They have their own doodles, they have entire sites
“The first rule of introvert club is no one has to worry about anyone talking about introvert club.”
There’s no way around it: your wedding day is going to be at least a little stressful. But for introverts, the big day can be especially overwhelming.
My first piece of advice is do not let anxiety and introversion stop you