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It's no surprise that the public-at-large find finance confusing. On the one hand, politicians and businesspeople speak of the testing economic times, the challenges faced with Brexit, the volatility caused by Donald Trump's election and the risks to world stability.
Putting aside the utter dismay that I feel as an individual citizen of the UK and the EU on the outcome of Thursday's referendum, my priority this week as Chief Executive of HelpAge International is to digest and think through the many immediate and longer-term implications for the organisation that I lead. Identical exercises will be going on among all or very many of our peer agencies in the UK development and humanitarian sector.
The dive in value was bigger than historic Black Wednesday.
FTSE 100 makes a slight recovery after losing £122bn in value Swiss central bank intervened in currency markets to limit
As I contemplated the murky, dreich, weather in the Surrey Hills over the weekend it felt like a metaphor for the British
Narendra Modi is coming to the UK for the first time as Indian Prime Minister, just two weeks after President Xi Jinping
Bitcoin is about to enter the mainstream - and the reason we know that is that regulators are starting to give nearly impenetrable
As far as the contest between the two nation's currencies is concerned, the Australian dollar and the pound have both found the going rather tough of late. Sterling's problems have been well documented; it was the worst performing currency in the G10 in the first quarter of this year.
Since the beginning of the credit crunch in 2008, and throughout the on-going financial crisis to date, for whatever reason it has been during the summer months that the markets have experienced the most tumultuous of times.
With the thorn of Ukip in his side David Cameron knew that he had to do something about 'Britain and the EU' before the niggling wound became infected and caused even more problems down the line.