Geneva Conventions

Fifty years ago, PM David Lloyd George adopted the Balfour Declaration that helped create a festering conflict. I would argue that the existential stakes are even higher now: so will the Palestinians pick up the gauntlet?
Encouraging the Palestinians to accede to the ICC, which they have been eligible to do since attaining Observer State status at the UN in 2012, would introduce an accountability mechanism that would deter future violence. It would also provide an incentive for each side to stay at the negotiating table.
Having already witnessed the impact of the Israel-Palestine conflict during volunteering trips whilst studying for her degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Sophie explains how she was struck by its effects on everyday life for citizens; rigorous and humiliating searches at road checkpoints, for example, turning 10 minute into an hour.
Dear Mr Davutoğlu, Your country has operated an "open-door" policy ever since Syrians first started crossing into Turkey in May of 2011, fleeing violence and regime attacks.
The PMOI, Iran's largest opposition group, has been resident at Camp Ashraf for over 20 years and was until 2009 protected by the US military following the ousting of Saddam Hussein. Since 2009 the 3,400 residents have come under the control of an Iraqi government determined to close the camp at all costs in order to please their Iranian mentors.
At first glance, the massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica almost two decades ago has little in common with the plight of some 3,500 dissident Iranians at a place called Camp Ashraf in Iraq. But a closer look shows the opposite.